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Our new Cinema Guide is here (August - September)

11 August 2017

Our new cinema guide is here!

One of the everlasting qualities of great cinema is its ability to put you at the centre of the action, to make you feel like you are right there with the characters, quicken your pulse and have you holding your breath in anticipation. In doing this, the film brings you closer to its subject and to an understanding of what it must be like to live the film’s reality. Kathryn Bigelow’s new film Detroit will have you raging at racial injustice in the 1960s whereas Insyriated, which depicts a day in the life of one Syrian family under siege, brings home a very contemporary truth. This latter film is particularly important to me, as I was on the jury which awarded it the Europa Cinemas Prize at this year’s Berlin Film Festival. I can still remember how my heart raced when I saw it all those months ago. It is a real joy to finally be able to share this extraordinary piece of work with you.

British independent filmmaking is also going from strength to strength and in this guide we have God’s Own Country, fresh from its premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival where it walked away with the Michael Powell Award. Although it will be described by some as ‘Brokeback Mountain set on a Yorkshire farm’ to me it has more in common with more classic texts like Far from the Madding Crowd. Whatever comparison you choose, it stands on its own merits – a moving coming of age story about father and son, life on the land, and of course, the transformative power of true love.

Alice Black

Head of Cinema

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