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Our new Cinema Guide is here (July - August)

7 July 2017

Our new cinema guide is here!

The shadow of the Second World War looms large in this guide, not least because one of the most anticipated films of the summer, Dunkirk, will be landing on our screens. In the hands of master filmmaker Christopher Nolan, we can be certain that this will be no ordinary war film but a visceral, immersive and original cinematic experience. With a cast that reads like a who’s who of contemporary acting talent, ‘sure thing’ is perhaps a bit of an understatement. Our run of Dunkirk is bookended by two other films which feature very different Second World War stories – Alone in Berlin, about the extraordinary resistance of ordinary German people against the Nazi regime, and Land of Mine, which examines the horrors committed against the German prisoners-of-war in post-war Denmark. Both these films strongly emphasise that the impact of war is felt far beyond the battlefield.

The other unexpected commonality in this month’s guide is a focus on artists at work. Fresh from its premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, the unauthorised biopic of Morrissey, England is Mine, gives us a glimpse into the singer-songwriter’s early years in the Manchester music scene, while Maudie places a painter centre stage. It’s never easy to capture the creative process on screen, but both of these films capture the energy, agony and necessity of artistic expression.

And finally, for anyone who has found themselves losing hours of time watching cat videos online, we’ve got a beautiful alternative for you. Kedi, a portrait of Istanbul street felines and the people who love them, is an absolutely purr-fect treat.

Alice Black

Head of Cinema

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