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Our new Cinema Guide is here (April - May)

14 April 2017

Our new cinema guide is here!

Book to screen adaptations are nothing new and using literary sources as inspiration is something the industry has done since the very beginning of cinema history. If you are an avid reader, many of the titles in this guide will be ringing bells (The Sense of an Ending is adapted from Julian Barnes’ Booker Prize-winning novel) and some of them might come as a surprise (Park Chan-wook’s The Handmaiden is a Korean take on Sarah Waters’ Fingersmith). There can be great pleasure, and sometimes frustration, in seeing characters you’ve known and loved interpreted by another artist. If these stories are new to you, the films may inspire you to head to the library and discover the joy of the reverse process which can be just as rewarding.

Dundead is back and better than ever (check out that amazing must-have t-shirt!) showcasing the best new horror films; we’ve also chosen to include a retrospective of films inspired by one of the greatest horror writers of all time, Stephen King. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just discovering his genius, now’s your chance to experience some horror favourites on the big screen in the company of other people who love them. Absolutely no hiding behind the sofa allowed! Full season passes and six film packages are available alongside individual tickets: join us if you dare.

Working in partnership with Dr Sanghita Sen from the University of St Andrews Film Studies Department we are delighted to be presenting the first significant retrospective of Ritwik Ghatak, one of the most original auteurs of Indian cinema. Ghatak’s body of work is slim in volume, but extremely significant in impact, confronting the social and political realities of India immediately after independence and into the 1970s.

Alice Black

Head of Cinema

If you'd like a large print version of our Cinema Guide just ask at DCA Box Office, or give us a call on 01382 909 900.

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