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Our new Cinema Guide is here (February - March)

27 January 2017

Our new cinema guide is here!

When a film is described as a period drama, the first things that spring to mind are often corsets or swords, but cinematic storytelling based in history can actually reveal as much about our own times as it does about the past. There are some great examples of this kind of filmmaking in this guide, with contemporary culture seeping into every frame despite the costumes. From personal history in 20th Century Women, to contemporary political resonance in Hidden Figures and The Founder, what filmmakers choose to remember about our shared history is definitely shaped by our present. You will of course find your own connections in these films and we are always keen to hear your views, so don’t be shy, let us know what you think.

With Martin Scorsese’s Silence not long off our screens, we now have the wonderful opportunity to revisit some of his earlier work. Both Goodfellas and Taxi Driver have been restored and rereleased on new 4k digital prints. The timing couldn’t be better for us as Cinema 1 is having a full projector upgrade, and with our recently replaced sound system, you’ll be able to see (and hear) them in all their Scorsese glory.

It’s that time of the year where we roll out our annual Oscar competition and with it the chance to win free cinema tickets for an entire year. We hope you’ve been doing your research and catching as many of the nominated films as possible. One of the biggest contenders is Barry Jenkins’ Moonlight, which has had a charmed journey over the past few months, from indie-sensation to multiple award winner. Each and every prize it has picked up is well deserved – it is a haunting and beautiful piece of work from beginning to end. Don’t miss it.

Alice Black

Head of Cinema

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