Q&A with DCA Young Photo Club


27 January 2017

DCA Young Photo Club was orginally set up to help young people learn to use their own cameras. Now running for more than a year, the workshop helps 11-16 year olds learn more about photography and improve their skills. 

We caught up with a few of our regulars to find out more about their Photo Club experiences...

What do you enjoy most about Young Photo Club?

Erin -  At photo club I enjoy how friendly everyone is and how helpful they are. I also enjoy learning about photography.

Ruth - The people, the inspiration and the opportunities to try new things.

"I make new friends every week."

Eden - I enjoy working with people who share the same hobby as me, and I make new friends every week.

Hannah - Learning things about my camera and meeting new people, because everyone is really friendly and helpful.

What have you learnt so far?

Erin - So far I have learnt about how to take photos of moving objects and how to use long exposure to get light trails.

Ruth - Aperture, shutter speed, composition, lighting, and what the buttons on my camera do!

Eden - I have learnt that aperture pictures are just as (if not better) good as full size pictures when it comes to architecture.

Hannah - I have learnt so much that I didn't know before I came here, like how to take photos of moving things and draw with light!

Please tell us a bit about your photography style.

Erin - I like photos with light trails.

Ruth - Macro, nature and portrait.

"I love taking wacky, close up pictures. "

Eden - I'd say my photography style is aperture - I love taking wacky, close up pictures. 

Hannah - I like landscape photography, like sunsets, but I have really enjoyed portrait photography in the studio. I have really liked painting with light.

Aged 11-16 and feeling inspired? Or know someone who might enjoy it? Due to popular demand we have popped in a few more workshops this term. Each session provides the opportunity to try new techniques, get to know your camera settings and look at a range of subjects.

The DCA Young Photo Club benefits from the support of Dundee Photographic Society. Members of the society give talks at each workshop about different photography styles as well as their own professional and amateur photographic techniques. Each year the society also helps young people enter their photos into the annual Dundee Photography Awards.

Come along, have fun, and learn new skills!

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