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Artist Interviews

  • Thomson and Craighead: Maps DNA and Spam, Artists' Video

    We are delighted to welcome back artists Thomson & Craighead to DCA for our first exhibition of 2014. Maps DNA and Spam features new work (Dundee Wall and The First Person) and a selection of older work including The Time Machine in alphabetical order, Belief and A short film about War.

    Much of Thomson & Craighead’s recent work looks at how communications networks like the worldwide web are changing the way we relate to the world around us - the conflict between our private and public identities, the tension between the global and the local and the way in which modern communications inform our sense of place and self in the world.iths University London. Thomson & Craighead have been working together since 1993. Recent exhibitions include MEWO Kunsthalle, Memmingen and Carroll/Fletcher, London.

  • Navid Nuur: RENDERENDER, Artist's Video

    Wheelie bins, water coolers, emergency blankets, agricultural enclosures, old slide projectors, snippets of motivational speeches, and found footage of Dundonian skateboarders will be used by Navid Nuur in his exhibition RENDERENDER at Dundee Contemporary Arts. Known for his magical mixed media installations, Navid Nuur will transform DCA galleries with an inventive and playful array of new and existing work in his largest UK exhibition to date in a public gallery.

  • Hiraki Sawa: Lenticular, Artist's Video

    We invite you to discover the work of Hiraki Sawa whose videos and animations create a strange world in which familiar objects perform unbelievable, beautiful acts. In Lenticular everyday items do fantastic things: toy aeroplanes take off into domestic flight paths, vinyl records unravel and clocks and teapots grow legs.

    For his exhibition at DCA, Sawa has created a new film shot at Dundee’s Mills Observatory. The work was inspired by the self-taught astronomer who is employed by the Observatory, who shared his knowledge of the solar system and the stars beyond with the artist. This newly commissioned work is a loose portrait of the astronomer and the planetarium itself.

  • Johanna Basford: Wonderlands, Artist's Video

    Tumble down the rabbit hole and discover the intricate and inky world of artist and illustrator Johanna Basford in her first major solo show, Wonderlands (Sat 4 May - Sun 7 July).

  • Jutta Koether: Seasons and Sacraments, Artist's Video

    We are delighted to welcome influential German artist Jutta Koether back to DCA, five years after her work was shown in the group exhibition Altered States of Paint, for a solo exhibition of new work. Seasons and Sacraments (Sat 9 February - Sun 21 April 2013) demonstrates her distinct and powerful style and is inspired by two important series of paintings by the 17th century French artist Nicolas Poussin.

  • Trisha Baga: Holiday, Artist's Video

    This winter we’re proud to present an exhibition by emerging international artist Trisha Baga. Holiday (Sat 8 December 2012 - Sun 27 January 2013) is her first solo exhibition in a public gallery in the UK, and features an intriguing landscape of 3D projections and found objects.

  • Discovery Exhibition 2012 Artists' Talks

    Artists Nikolaj Bendix Skyum Larsen and DashnDem discuss their exhibitions at DCA, staged to coincide with the Discovery Film Festival 2012

    DshnDem’s Imagine Being a World Leader creates a fictional political event which enables young peoples voices to be heard while exposing the methods of politicans and statesmen. DashnDem have been working with local children from Blackness Primary School, teaching them leadership and public speaking techniques. The results of these workshops will form the inspiring, funny and thought-provoking content of the exhibition.

    Nikolaj Bendix Skyum Larsen is a Danish artist who lives and works in London. From The Edge brings together a selection of his video works. Tales from the Periphery is a pair of films exploring the lives of young people living in deprived areas of Europe. In Rendezvous, Nikolaj follows the rarely-explored lives of a group of migrant Indian workers in Dubai and while No Place Like Home is an experimental documentary which explores the vast desert areas surrounding Dubai.

  • Infinite Jest, Curator's Talk

    Candles, choc-chip cookies and scrunched up pieces of paper are among the materials employed by the three artists in our summer exhibition, Infinite Jest (23 June - 26 August). Cinthia Marcelle, Rob Pruitt and William Mackrell are each fascinated by circular narration, infinite loops and möbius strips. This exhibition is an intricate braid of their work, the title of which has been taken from the complex and gargantuan novel Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace.

  • Scott Myles: This Production, Artist's Video

    This is the first major UK solo show for the Dundee born and educated artist Scott Myles, marking 15 years since he graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design. This Production (7 April - 10 June 2012) features an exciting mix of new works including an expansive site-specific installation, new sculpture and prints made in the DCA Print Studio.