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Artist's Choice Screening: Hammer House of Horrors Double Bill

"This cinema programme is designed to complement and extend on the shonky qualities of the exhibition within moving image; the works I have chosen often employ stop-frame animation, odd stylistic clashes and amateurish performances that charge the films with real charm and magic." John Walter

This specially selected double-bill of classic Hammer House of Horror television broadcasts, comes to you courtesy of Shonky!  Silent Scream sees Peter Cushing plays an elderly pet shop owner who is secretly a former Nazi scientist, intent on continuing experiments on human victims. His plan is to create a prison that contains no bars, for which he captures a former prison inmate and his wife.  This episode also features Dundee’s very own Brian Cox.  In The House That Bled To Death, William and Emma Peters buy an old house where a brutal murder happened years ago in very bad condition with the intention of restoring it. They move with their daughter Sophie, and become friends of their neighbors Jean and George Evans. However, eerie events happen in the house, including the death of Sophie's cat.

Dir: Alan Gibson (Silent Scream) & Tom Clegg (The House That Bled To Death)

UK 1980 / 50m each / 15