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Autism Friendly Screening: Captain Underpants

David Soren

Our Autism Friendly screenings take place in our smaller cinema, without advertising and with consistent lighting and lower sound levels throughout the screening. Drawing activities will be available in the foyer. Audience members are free to move around or come in and out as they feel comfortable. Tickets are £3.50 for parents and children.

Based on the bestselling books that first appeared in 1997, this latest animation from Dreamworks comes after the creator of the original comic strips was won over by the studio’s previous work on the How to Train Your Dragon and Kung Fu Panda movies. With its high quality rendering of character-driven stories that appeal to audiences of all ages, Captain Underpants is rooted in that world we are all familiar with: school.

"One day they accidentally hypnotise their school principal into believing that he is Captain Underpants..."

George Beard and Harold Hutchins are best friends who spend their days creating comic books and dreaming up pranks. One day they accidentally hypnotise their school principal into believing that he is Captain Underpants, a dimwitted superhero whose costume consists of underwear and a cape. As if this isn’t bad enough, their newest teacher is a disgraced evil scientist bent on exacting his revenge at their school. George, Harold and Captain Underpants must quickly band together to thwart his evil agenda.

With characters such as Professor Pee-Pee Diarrheastein Poopypants, and a nerdy red-headed brainiac called Melvin Sneedly, we needn’t expect to waste too many brain cells keeping up with the plot. But the charm of George and Harold (voiced by Kevin Hart and Thomas Middleditch) and the non-stop barrage of zany sight gags and superhero references will entertain and delight anyone who is in need of the kind of refreshment that only an 88 minute sugar rush can provide.