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Blade of The Immortal

Takashi Miike

Known for his particular brand of violent and funny samurai films, prolific Japanese cult director Takashi Miike (13 Assassins, Yakusa Apocalypse) is back with Blade of The Immortal, the 100th film of his career. Adapted from Hiroaki Samura’s hugely successful martial arts manga series, this is a super stylish revenge drama, sumptuous to look at and full of glorious fight choreography. Oh, and plenty of blood.

"A super stylish revenge drama, sumptuous to look at and full of glorious fight choreography."

After witnessing his sister's murder, Manji (Takuya Kimura) unleashes a bout of carnage that leaves him mortally wounded. Although the samurai has resigned himself to death, a mysterious old woman comes to his rescue and grants him eternal life, as well as the ability to regenerate. 50 years later, not particularly pleased about his ability to live forever, Manji reluctantly agrees to help feisty young Rin (teen star Hana Sugisaki) avenge her parents’ murder. Their target is the creepy Anotsu (Soto Fukushi), leader of the Itto-ryu clan, which goes from dojo to dojo enlisting the best fighters and eliminating all those who refuse to join. Struck by Rin's determination, Manji sets out to destroy the evil clan.

Blade of The Immortal remains true to its manga source, featuring plenty of over-the-top weapons and lots of dark humour. Although the violence is highly stylised and at times comical, be prepared for at least a few axes embedded in a few skulls before the film is over. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.