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Peter Mackie Burns

Daphne is the feature directorial debut of Scottish filmmaker Peter Mackie Burns, whose short film Milk won the Golden Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2005. Set in present day London, this comedy-drama follows young singleton Daphne (Emily Beecham) as she navigates a hectic lifestyle, juggling an unfulfilling restaurant job with a vigorous and sometimes debauched nightlife. After turning 30, Daphne finds herself stuck in a rut, and looks to boisterous friends, one-time lovers and random strangers to provide a welcome diversion from the growing feeling that she is too young to settle down, yet too old to mess about. But one night, after witnessing a random act of violence, Daphne’s life is thrown into chaos and she starts to reflect on the direction her life is going in.

"Daphne’s life is thrown into chaos..."

Burns’ vivid and charming film showcases his talent for drawing out humour from serious situations, and is the perfect vehicle for rising star Beecham; the film’s combination of dramatic scenarios and comic mayhem allow her to flex her acting muscles. Nico Mesinga’s script is laced with sparkling one-liners, and with an excellent supporting cast, which includes Geraldine James and Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, Daphne is a great calling card for all involved.