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Good Time

Josh Safdie, Benny Safdie

The Safdie brothers (Daddy Longlegs and Heaven Knows What) have a solid reputation with film critics and fans, but when their latest film was selected for competition in Cannes earlier this year, things ramped up a notch. And despite featuring a performance from a former teen heartthrob (Robert Pattinson), Good Time has all the energy and unpredictability of their earlier maverick work.

"...a pulsating, occasionally relentless but unforgettable ride."

Pattinson is Connie, a petty criminal from Queens, who enlists the help of his younger, learning disabled brother Nick (Bennie Safdie) to rob a bank. They manage to pull it off, but soon after Nick is arrested by the police. Connie, refusing to leave his brother behind, has to figure out a way to save him. So when he hears that Nick has been put in hospital after a nasty beating in jail, the intrepid Connie sees a golden opportunity to spring him. Let’s just say, given the brothers’ luck so far, this doesn’t quite go to plan.

The Safdies stay true to their roots, shooting on the streets of New York, employing a mix of professional (Jennifer Jason Leigh) and nonprofessional (Taliah Webster) actors to ensure the film’s authentic and gritty texture. Pattinson, definitely not relying on his good looks, is terrific, and with a score by recording artists Oneohtrix Point Never, Good Time is a pulsating, occasionally relentless but unforgettable ride.