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Martin Scorsese

In the 1930s great American gangster films like Little Caesar, The Public Enemy and Scarface were decried for glorifying lives of crime. Almost sixty years later, Martin Scorsese’s Goodfellas picked up where those films left off, daring to capture the visceral thrill of living outside of the law. Gone are the family values and elegant visuals of The Godfather.

Scorsese's central trio of mobsters, Henry (Ray Liotta), Tommy (Oscarwinner Joe Pesci) and Jimmy (Robert De Niro), are deeply amoral and socially irresponsible. Scorsese understands that you would not want to meet these men; but he also knows that their refusal to conform makes them fascinating. The film’s masterstroke, however, is to find a visual language that is as every bit as stylish, energetic and violently unrestrained as its protagonists.

From its brutal opening scene to the extraordinary final shot, the film is alive with nervous energy, allowing us to live vicariously through its characters in the safety of the movie theatre. So why fight the urge? Come see this classic on the big screen in a stunning new 4K restoration.