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Joel Hopkins

British filmmaker Joel Hopkins (Jump Tomorrow, Last Chance Harvey) takes on the classic ‘foreigner meets curmudgeonly local native and sparks ensue’ story with new romantic comedy Hampstead. With leads played by Diane Keaton and Brendan Gleeson and the attractive setting of a certain North London village, this little gem about never giving up, no matter your age, is quirkily charming.

"A perfect summer cinematic treat."

Diane Keaton is Emily, an American widow who is struggling to focus on the things which need her attention, like her lovely old apartment, her finances and her son. While looking out across the park from her attic window, she witnesses an unkempt man, Donald Horner (played by Gleeson) being attacked by a group of professional thugs. Shocked, she calls the police and ventures into the woods in search of the man, discovering that his home is the target of property developers using heavy-handed tactics to remove him. Gruff but lovable, Donald initially refuses any help but the pair soon join forces to try and save his home. In the process, the couple find they have more in common than first thought.

With a solid cast of actors rounding out the secondary roles, including War and Peace’s James Norton, Simon Callow and a particularly hilarious Jason Watkins as amorous accountant James, Hampstead is light but lovely, a perfect summer cinematic treat.