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This winter we’re proud to present an exhibition by emerging international artist Trisha Baga. Holiday is her first solo exhibition in a public gallery in the UK following successful exhibitions at Vilma Gold Gallery, London; Kunstverein München and The Whitney Museum of American Art, New York.

Trisha Baga (USA, 1985) has become known for her idiosyncratic storytelling which both celebrates and resists contemporary culture’s love affair with broadcast technology. Holiday is named after Madonna’s 1983 hit single, chosen because of Baga’s longstanding fascination with the pop star that is often manifested in her work.

For her DCA exhibition, the artist has created an apparently chaotic landscape using 3D projections showing a combination of personal and found footage. Objects from discount retailers, charity shops and Tayside Recyclers in Dundee, including paintings, fake flowers and household goods, are stacked, marked with luminous paint or projected upon to create a series of immersive installations.

The centrepiece of the exhibition is Baga’s acclaimed installation Plymouth Rock (2012) which considers the famous pilgrim landing site by meandering through Chinese takeaway menus and a recital of a Justin Bieber Christmas song. This work is emblematic of her experimental approach to presentation - harnessing reflections, shadows and overlays which match the fragmented edits of the film itself.