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Jennifer Peedom

Mountain is a truly unique cinematic and musical collaboration between the renowned Australian Chamber Orchestra and filmmaker Jennifer Peedom (Sherpa). Through an astonishing blend of images, music and the words of nature writer Robert Macfarlane narrated by Willem Dafoe, this documentary explores the spellbinding force of high places from Antarctica to Hawaii and their ongoing power to shape our lives and our dreams.

A truly unique cinematic and musical collaboration...

Collated from more than 2,000 hours of footage shot in 15 countries, Mountain is a 70-minute rush of adrenaline; a safari into the sublime; a vertiginous voyage to the top of the world. While Peedom’s previous documentary was critical of the Everest industry in which local guides take disproportionate risks for wealthy and thrill-seeking foreigners, Mountain is an unashamed tribute to the western adventurers who are willing to risk their lives climbing the world’s great heights. Flashing back to footage from the early days of western mountaineering, the film asks why humans are drawn to high places, plumbing psychological depths for an answer that goes beyond British climber George Mallory’s riposte about Everest: “Because it’s there.”

The end result provides an astonishing vision of mountaineers, ice climbers, free soloists, speedflyers, heliskiers, snowboarders, wingsuiters and parachuting mountain bikers (including Scotland’s own Danny MacAskill on the Cuillin Ridgeline). And despite its glorification of thrill-seeking, the message that runs through Mountain, like rivulets over rocks, is that our highest peaks are places to be revered and respected.