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Senior Citizen Kane Club: Churchill

Jonathan Teplitzky

Dundee’s very own Brian Cox takes on the role of the iconic statesman Winston Churchill in this new film which chronicles the days leading up to the Normandy landings. Written by author and historian Alex von Tunzelmann and brought to the screen by director Jonathan Teplitzky (The Railway Man), Churchill is an intimate portrait of the man behind the famous speeches and explores the heavy burden of responsibility he had to bear.

"An intimate portrait of the man behind the famous speeches..."

The film begins in early June 1944, as millions of Allied troops are assembled on the south coast of England, poised and ready for the greatest invasion in history. This is a crucial first step in the campaign to free Europe from Nazi Germany, but the ageing politician remains unconvinced of its merit. Challenged by the Americans, chiefly General Dwight D. Eisenhower (Mad Men’s John Slattery), Churchill is also concerned that if the operation fails, history will remember him chiefly as an architect of carnage. Headstrong and difficult, with his health clearly failing, Churchill is determined not to give up what control he has left, to the chagrin of his long-suffering and patient wife Clemmie (Miranda Richardson).

With an ensemble cast that also includes James Purefoy as the reluctant King George VI and Ella Purnell as Churchill’s loyal secretary, this biopic captures the terrifying personal and political anxieties as well as the resilience of this fascinating man at a crucial moment in history.