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George Clooney

Taking a turn in the director’s chair, George Clooney brings us Suburbicon, a tale of the American Dream gone badly wrong. With a screenplay written by Clooney, Grant Heslove (The Monuments Men) and the Coen Brothers, dark humour, quirky characters and unforgettable set pieces are par for the course.

"A tale of the American Dream gone badly wrong..."

The year is 1959 and in Suburbicon, every family is promised the perfect life: manicured lawns, gleaming shopping centres and good schools. But when a black family moves into the neighbourhood, some of the locals are unhappy, and are ready to do almost anything to get them out. Next door to the newcomers are the Lodge family: sisters Margaret and wheelchair-bound Rose (both played by Julianne Moore), Rose’s husband Gardner (Matt Damon) and their 11-year-old son Nicky (Noah Jupe). Their world is shattered when thugs break into their house and murder Rose. But as Margaret and Gardner very quickly pick up the pieces of family life, little Nicky realises his dad might not be the squeaky clean father he thought he was.

The production design is perfect and a lot of the pleasure in the film comes from the overall atmosphere of the darker side of 1950s Americana. Moore and Damon gamely subvert the stereotypes of their suburban husband and wife, but the revelation here is young Brit actor Jupe, who turns in a terrific, totally believable performance as a child caught up in a nightmare.