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The Lego Ninjago Movie

Charlie Bean, Paul Fisher and Bob Logan

Following on from The Lego Movie (in which everything was awesome) and then The Lego Batman Movie (in which Batman learned to lighten up), we now have this latest offering from the brightly-coloured plastic brick franchise: The Lego Ninjago Movie. Exploring the world of rooftile-scattering, bamboo-bending ninjas and gigantic transformational robots, and reworking traditional tales of heroes and losers, good guys and bad parenting, this is entertainment for all ages.

"Six young ninjas are tasked with the defence of Ninjago, their island home..."

In a faraway land, threatened by darkness, the forces of good are once again determined to stand up to the bad guys. Six young ninjas are tasked with the defence of Ninjago, their island home. Led by Master Wu, their wisecracking spiritual master, they use mind and body in the fight against gangs of villains and monsters during the hours of darkness. During daylight hours? They have to use similar skills to navigate the troubled waters of an average day at high school. It’s a tough life. But Lloyd, aka the Green Ninja, has the added problem that the evil warlord Garmadon, aka The Worst Guy Ever, just happens to be his dad... woah! Bummer.

Who better than the ultimate wisecracking street warrior Mr Jackie Chan to voice Master Wu? And, in a film which has much to say about the potential perils of family ties, the cast features Dave Franco (brother of James) as Lloyd and Justin Theroux (cousin of Louis) as his estranged – and somewhat belligerent - dad Garmadon. But as one of his fellow ninjas points out: “Hey, it’s OK, Lloyd. Nobody’s parents are perfect...” Which is the basis of a perfect family holiday film, surely?