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The Olive Tree
(El olivo)

Icíar Bollaín

The Olive Tree might deal with issues of environment and heritage, but it is also a wonderfully warm story about the unique bonds which tie a family together, create identity and shape memories.

Alma is very close to her ailing grandfather Ramón, who has withdrawn into himself ever since his son sold a 2,000 year old olive tree to raise funds to open a restaurant. Crippled by sadness at the loss of his beloved tree, Ramón spends his days visiting the place where the olive tree was planted, dreaming of the day it will be returned. Unable to bear the situation any longer, Alma begins a search for the tree, and discovers that it was acquired by a German energy company located in Dusseldorf. Without money, resources or much of a plan, Alma convinces her uncle Alcachofa and her friend Rafa to borrow a truck and drive from Spain to Germany to recover the tree. What starts out as a simple rescue mission turns out to be a whole lot more, for all involved...

Family loyalty and environmental concerns collide in this gently moving Spanish drama, the third collaboration between two Edinburgh-based filmmakers, Madrid-born director Icíar Bollaín and Scottish screenwriter Paul Laverty (The Angels’ Share; I, Daniel Blake).