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The Seasons in Quincy: Four Portraits of John Berger

Colin McCabe, Christopher Roth, Bartek Dziadosz, Tilda Swinton

Prolific artist, philosopher, writer, storyteller and radical humanist John Berger is the focus of this vivid four-part cinematic portrait. In 1973, he moved from urban London to the tiny Alpine village of Quincy. The Seasons in Quincy: Four Portraits of John Berger examines different aspects of Berger's life in this remote village in the Alps.

Ways of Listening features Tilda Swinton, a longtime friend and collaborator, joining Berger for a frank and revealing conversation.

Spring explores Berger's seminal writing on animals, which is illuminated by local farming practices and set alongside other philosophical approaches to animal consciousness.

A Song for Politics sees Berger joined by writers Ben Lerner and Akshi Singh along with Colin MacCabe and Christopher Roth for a lively political discussion of our present moment and its relationship to the past.

Harvest sees Berger's son and Swinton's children join their parents for a visually rich journey to Quincy from the Scottish highlands, seeing the countryside anew