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Tomorrow and Thereafter
(Demain et tous les autres jours)

Noemie Lvovsky

Nine-year-old Mathilde (Luce Rodriguez) lives with her fragile mother (director Noemie Lvovsky), who has a tendency to lose touch with reality; Mathilde often finds herself having to be the responsible one. The pair seem to have no friends, and Mathilde’s father (Mathieu Amalric) is almost never around. One day, Mathilde receives an unusual present from her mother: a baby owl. Soon enough, she discovers that she is able to talk to the owl, who becomes her closest friend, her conscience, and a stand-in for her absent father.

This fantastical tale possesses a gently melancholic undertow, and is dedicated - like Camille Rewinds and Life Doesn't Scare Me - to Lvovsky's late mother Genevieve.