The Connoisseurs

Alex Frost

13 March 2010 - 23 May 2010

Gallery 1 & 2

Alex Frost is one of the most distinctive artists working in Scotland today and DCA is proud to present his largest exhibition to date.

The Connoisseurs is an exhibition defined by the seemingly disparate series of artworks that Alex undertakes - from murals to polymer clay sculpture to his multiple approaches to drawing. All of the works reference cultural sophistication or a refined taste through their materials, execution or selection. They all borrow an aspect of classical art forms: portraiture or still-life, the outdoor or the domestic scale object.

The Connoisseurs presents a configuration of numerous distinct references: digital technology, food science, community craft workshops, dystopian fiction and macro-economics.

Born in London in 1973, Alex Frost studied fine art at Staffordshire University (BA 1995) and Glasgow School of Art (MFA 1998). Alex's recent projects include: Venice Biennale 09 (Artsway's New Forest Pavilion); ‘Adults’ (Sandra Burgel, Berlin); Milton Keynes Gallery; ‘BBQ’ (Artsway, Hampshire); ‘Compassion Fatigue’ (Sorcha Dallas, Glasgow), and ‘Format Wars’ (Tramway, Glasgow).

Emerging from Scotland 's artist led scene in the late 1990s with projects with The Collective, Edinburgh , Glasgow 's Transmission, Radio Tuesday, British Mystic and Switchspace and Generator Projects, Dundee , Alex has developed into a prominent, respected artist exhibiting internationally.

All Images Courtesy the artist and Sorcha Dallas, Glasgow

Alex Frost has collaborated with designer Robert Dallas Gray to make an online publication that can be purchased in both hardback and softcover forms from Blub books, or downloaded from the downloads section to the right.