The Big City (Mahanaga) (PG)

15 September 2013


This first meeting of writer-director Satyajit Ray and Madhabi Mukherjee, one of Bengali cinemaís most beloved actresses, is often overlooked in favour of their subsequent collaboration, Charulata (The Lonely Wife). However, The Big City is every bit as masterful as its more celebrated companion piece. In both films Mukherjee plays an independently-minded woman who begins to emerge from her husbandís shadow. The Big City, however, is perhaps the more radical of the two as it shows her becoming her familyís main breadwinner in economically deprived 1950s Calcutta. This is a film with a social consciousness, which tackles issues of unemployment, exploitation and social prejudice, as well as womenís rights; but it plays like a delightfully breezy domestic comedy, full of generosity towards its all-toohuman characters. Only a world-class cast and a filmmaker as great as Ray (who also wrote the score) could make this kind of thing look effortless.

Director: Satyajit Ray

Duration: 2h2m

Country: India

Language: Bengali with English subtitles

Year: 1963

Format: Digital

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