Vampyr (PG)

15 January 2012


Steven Severin returns to DCA with a chance to hear his new score for Vampyr, the third in his ongoing film accompaniment series, Music For Silents. An acclaimed solo artist and founder member of Siouxsie and the Banshees, Severin will present a mesmerising synthesis of sound and image. Vampyr, an unsettling tale of fear and obsession, finds its aural counterpart in Severinís score, a synthesised, atmospheric soundscape.

Vampyr begins with the arrival of a young student of the occult at an inn. On the first night of his stay, he is handed a mysterious package. The student discovers that the package contains a book about vampires and that the village is in the grip of a sinister force. Powerful and haunting, Vampyr is one of the most daring horror films ever made.

Director: Theodor Dreyer

Duration: 1h20m

Country: Denmark

Language: German with English subtitles

Year: 1932

Format: Digital

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