Activity Sheet Round Up


4 April 2020

Our Learning team want to make sure you don't run out of ways to keep inspired and creative, so we'll be sharing new activity sheets every week. Download and print them off at home or copy them out onto a piece of paper. We'd love to see and share what you create: use #DCAmakes to show us and make us smile! 

Activity 1 - Create Your Own Character

Activity 2 - Design a Public Sculpture

Activity 3 - Beautiful Bugs

Activity 4 - Draw a Tree, Make a Forest

Activity 5 - Wonderful Weather Wheel

Weather WheelYoung person cutting out their weather wheel

Activity 6 - Make a Message Snail

Paper snail

Activity 7 - Create a Coat of Arms

Activity 8 - Face Time Portrait Challenge

Children holding big pieces of paper with portraits drawn on

Activity 9 - Style Us

Activity 10 - DCA Shop Shelfie

Activity 11 - Wave Your Flag

Flags designed by school group

Activity 12 - At Home in Your Head

Activity 13 - Word Play

Activity 14 - A Walk in the Park

Activity 15 - Say Hello with Art

Artwork on the wall of DCA Create Space

Activity 16 - Pocket Poems

Activity 17 - Creative Hands

Activity 18 - Creative Camouflage

Activity 19 - Bold New Banknotes

Activity 20 - Mirrored Mark Making

Activity 21 - My Favourite Book Cover

Activity 22 - Design a DCA Mural

Activity 23 - Homemade Paints with Art at the Start

Activity 24 - Giant Family Painting with Art at the Start

Activity 25 - Brilliantly Coloured Birds

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