Build a Board Game


11 May 2020

If you've run out of games to play then this Monday Make is for you. This week we're making a board game inspired by these artworks by Bruno Munari and David Austen.

Left: Curva di Peano (1974), Bruno Munari
Right: Glass (2015), David Austen

Bruno Munari was an artist, designer, educator and inventor, and was also the inspiration behind our first Monday Makes: Munari My Mug. This artwork shows his bold style. He created different versions of this piece using different colours and shapes based on the Peano curve, a space-filing curve in geometry.

Photograph: Ruth Clark

David Austen's Glass was exhibited in DCA galleries as part of his 2019 exhibition Underworld. This exhibition showed a wide variety of work by the British artist, bringing together his many different techniques (including sculpture, film and paintings). Each artwork stood alone and told its own story but also worked together with other pieces to tell the larger story of the exhibition.

Take inspiration from the patterns, colours and shapes in these artworks to Build a Board Game. Once you're done, have fun playing your new game at home, snap a picture of it in action and share with us using #DCAmakes.

Don't have a dice to hand? Don't worry - use our template to make one.

If you enjoy this activity and you're able to, we'd be so grateful if you'd consider donating to help us keep enriching people's lives through art, culture and creativity. Thank you! 

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