Get to know some of Scotland's top makers

27 November 2015

CRAFTED, our Craft & Design Market, is right around the corner! While we all know to expect superb craft and design from some of Scotland's top makers, we thought you might want to know a little bit more about the people behind the work. With that in mind we asked some of our makers a few questions; you can read the results below:

What is it that made you decide to exhibit at DCA?

Alana Peden: I exhibit here at every opportunity! I love the atmosphere and the customers and designers that attend the show. I have return customers that come to visit me at the DCA, it’s lovely to be able to speak to your customers face to face.

Beth Watson: The DCA is a space where I enjoy spending time as it has a creative and welcoming atmosphere. It is also fantastic at supporting and promoting independent designers and artists and the Christmas CRAFTED event is a great opportunity to be involved in.


Can you tell us a bit about what you create, in one or two sentences?

Coyosa Design: I create contemporary jewellery with wood, resin and plants seeds to express Japanese traditional worldview called wabi-sabi [an aesthetic view of beauty that is impermanent and imperfect] in a modern way.

Dear George: I create colourful, geometric accessories using lightweight materials such as laser cut wood and resin.

Helen Ruth Scarves: I design digitally printed scarves using my own hand-drawn illustration, usually incorporating themes of Scottish folklore and fairytales, and using lots of colour and intricate detailing.


What might people not know about you, your work or how you make it?

unifiedspace: Despite designing patterns, I can only ‘tolerate’ pattern on small areas - seeing whole swathes of pattern makes me feel anxious and confused so working on the scale of gents ties is perfect for me as it’s a small defined space.

Megan Adair: All my jewellery is made from hand, so even the tiny spoons and chopsticks which feature in my Vietnamese inspired bowl earrings have been pierced with a very fine sawblade and filed into shape. It's incredibly intricate and fiddly!

Tom Pigeon: We work from a studio in the middle of the Fife countryside. Every piece of jewellery is made by hand in our studio. And we all eat too many biscuits.


What lovely things will you be selling at the market? Is there anything in particular you think would make a perfect Christmas gift?

Homebody Makes: I will be selling items from my new 'Core Collection' – a succinct collection of jewellery and homewares which work as both stand-alone pieces as well as paired together. I'll also be selling a small selection of one-off bowls and dishes illustrated in my signature style.

Jude Gove: I’ll be selling my range of leather accessories. Each piece is hand stitched using the softest leather. Personally, my favourite piece is the Odille clutch bag in dark grey. I’ve been ‘road-testing’ one for a few weeks – there’s plenty of room for everything I need to carry around with me and more!

Leigh Bagley Design: New for this year, colouring poster books. Twelve of our favourite abstract patterns have been blanked out giving you the chance to recreate and re-colour some of our iconic designs.


What other makers or artists inspire you?

Tom Pigeon: Mid-century pioneers like Charles and Ray Eames, Alexander Calder and The St Ives Group.

Alana Peden: I like to draw my inspirations from memories and places, but right now I am revisiting my crush on Karen Mabon scarves (again) and old abstracts by Miro. I have a Miro plate in the house and when I look at it, it makes me want to dance!

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