From Dundee to Cleveland

Air Connect Residency

10 May 2018

Artist Katie Ravenscraig, who also works in DCA Print Studio, was the successful candidate for this year's Air Connect Residency exchange between our Print Studio and the Cleveland Print Room. We had wee chat with her to see what she's been up to whilst she's there. Read on to find out...

" It has been far from routine, and I'm loving it!"

Can you tell us a bit about your work?

My work combines both painterly shapes and digitally drawn linework. I make a lot of silkscreen and risograph prints. I’m also passionate about zines and artist’s books, and publish Riso Soup, a Risograph publication project that is part of Dundee Print Collective.

You’re in Cleveland now, can you tell us bit your proposal for the residency and what you hope to achieve? Can you share a sneak peek from something new you’re working on? 

I have been making a series of large scale photograms. These are cameraless photographs that feature collages of my paintings, developed by hand in the darkroom. I am also making an artist’s book.
The work I’m making is a meditation on our online connections, friendships and relationships. We are all connected, but do we connect? Hands are a recurring motif in my work, and in my photograms they are reaching out to each other, yet never touching.

The facilities at Cleveland Print Room are amazing, it’s a community photographic darkroom with a beautiful gallery space and exciting programme of workshops and exhibitions. Everyone has been really welcoming too.

Is there anything touristy that you’re keen to do in Ohio?

So far I have been to the shores and beaches of beautiful Lake Erie, visited many arts spaces, studios and specialist workshops, and experienced some amazing live music. The pizza isn't bad either.

You work in many mediums but we know you’re very fond of Risograph – can you tell us a bit about what it is and why you love it?

The Risograph looks like a photocopier but actually prints in a similar fashion to screen printing. It uses Soy ink and recycled paper. I love the look, feel and limited colour palette of Riso printing. It is also a very fast - a great way for beginners to get to grips with working in layers of colour. It is perfectly suited for making large runs of zines and posters.

And you love zines – please tell us why? 

I do love zines and artist’s books. I have both collected and created them for years. The book is a fascinating form, very physical and intimate. It introduces touch into your artwork - books invite you to open them and handle the paper and the artwork on it. I have always been drawn to art with a narrative, and making work for a book or zine suggests a story simply via the pages turning - words are not necessarily required.

What’s a typical day for you Cleveland?

In Cleveland I have been starting my day with bright sun blazing through the windows, and the noise of the busy city waking up. Every work day here has been different: I have either been out exploring, making work in the studio, or spending many hours in the darkroom arranging and developing my photographic work. It has been far from routine, and I'm loving it!

Thanks Katie! Enjoy the rest of your stay in Cleveland and we can't wait to catch up again when you're back! We'll be chatting to April Bleakney from Cleveland, Ohio who will be spending time in our Print Studio as part of the exchange very soon - watch this space. And if you're interested in learning more about Riso Printing, join us for our Riso Photo Printing (faux CMYK) course in August. 

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