Discovery Short of the Week 14

Water Path for a Fish

1 July 2020

Whatever the weather, you can experience the sights and sounds of a hot summer night with our latest Discovery Short of the Week. It's Water Path for a Fish, the story of a little boy on a journey to find some water for a goldfish during a heatwave. 

Discovery Film Festival producer Mike Tait says:

"As our summer sunshine comes and goes, it's time to revisit Discovery Film Festival 2017 and remind ourselves of the impact that extreme temperatures can have. For creatures dependent on water, it's absolutely critical that supplies don't run out..."

Once you've enjoyed the film, be sure to download our creative activity sheets, originally developed for our school resource pack by Lynsey Dick.

Click here to download our Water Path for a Fish activity sheets now

Share your comments and water conservation posters using the hashtag #DCAMakes on Twitter, Instagram, or on our Discovery: Families at DCA Facebook page. We'll see you again next Wednesday with another Discovery Short of the Week!

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