Discovery Short of the Week 18


29 July 2020

In the daily routine of work and school, Copi tries his best to make his son, Paste, understand what is right and wrong in life. But Paste sees the world in a different light and teaches his father the importance of being creative and unique in Alike, our latest Discovery Short of the Week!

Discovery Film Festival producer Mike Tait says:

"Some stories can be all the better for not relying on words and dialogue - check out the use of colour in this wonderful short film from Discovery 2017."

Once you've enjoyed the film, be sure to download our creative activity sheets, originally developed for our school resource pack by Joy Christie.

Click here to download our Alike activity sheets now

Share your comments and ideas about the film using the hashtag #DCAmakes on Twitter, Instagram, or on our Discovery: Families at DCA Facebook page. We'll see you again next Wednesday with another Discovery Short of the Week!

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