Dundead Summer Camp

Fri 9 - Sun 11 July

17 June 2021

Welcome to Dundead Summer Camp! Happening in DCA Cinema and on DCA at Home from Fri 9 to Sun 11 July, we're excited to announce the line-up for this weekend of horror film fun.

With Covid-19 lockdowns putting a stop to our 2020 and 2021 Dundead festivals, which usually take place in May, we can't wait to welcome you back to the cinema for some specially selected scares. We've got five brand new horror titles (including two UK premieres, two Scottish premieres and a special preview), plus a newly restored film from titan of the genre, George A Romero.

So, pack up your supplies (we suggest face masks, hand sanitiser and snacks) and get ready to enjoy these terrifying tales around our camp fire (aka the screen of Cinema 1).

Werewolves Within (UK Premiere)

Take a break from the sunny Scottish summer and venture to the picturesque snow-covered town of Beaverfield for this enjoyably schlocky comedy-horror whodunit. When a body is found, everyone becomes a suspect, and it’s up to the town’s newly arrived ranger and the local mail-person to figure out who is the killer, and potentially, also a werewolf.

The Amusement Park

Originally shot in 1973, never released and thought lost to the annals of history until 2017, this newly restored film by the great George A Romero is deeply moving and genuinely frightening. The film follows an unnamed elderly protagonist as he visits the titular amusement park, and finds it to be a site of metaphysical torment.

Climate of the Hunter (UK Premiere)

Peppered with psychedelic dream sequences, cult director Mickey Reece's film pulses with an underground sensibility and has lashings of gaudy 1970s style. Two middle-aged sisters vie for the affection of the charming, enigmatic Wesley; a figure from their past who only goes out at night and is allergic to garlic… 

Riders of Justice (Preview)

We're excited to bring you a preview of this very dark comedy-thriller from Danish director Anders Thomas Jensen. Mads Mikkelsen puts in a terrific performance (we wouldn't expect anything less) as Markus, a soldier deployed overseas who has to return home when he receives news of a terrible accident.

The World We Knew (Scottish Premiere)
A simmering, atmospheric and impressive example of what can be achieved on a modest budget, this film from directors WW Jones and Luke Skinner is at once a stylish, lean throwback and an inventive, gorgeously-made example of an original new voice (or voices) in British genre cinema.

Alien on Stage (Scottish Premiere)

We're absolutely delighted to closing Dundead Summer Camp with the Scottish premiere of this irresistible documentary from directors Lucy Harvey and Danielle Kummer. Telling the unlikely story of an ambitious group of bus drivers from Dorset who decide to stage an am-dram adaptation of Ridley Scott’s 1979 special-effects-filled sci fi horror masterpiece Alien. How hard can it be!?

DUNDEAD programmer (or should we say Camp Counsellor) Michael Coull says:

“After the last year, we’re delighted to be bringing Dundead back to DCA’s screens again, with a weekend of the best in brand-new horror, and one very special vintage treat. Welcome to Dundead Summer Camp!

On Friday, make sure you layer up and don’t forget your snowshoes as we bring you the UK Premiere of the chilly, werewolf-whodunnit-comedy-horror Werewolves Within. Following this is a rare chance to see a long-lost work by the late horror legend George A. Romero on the big screen. Shot in 1973 but never released, The Amusement Park was thought lost until a print showed up a few years ago. Luckily for us the film is an absolute gem, and a must-see for fans of Romero’s work and horror in general.

On Saturday evening we’re offering a visit to the strange, stylish, 70s-inspired world of Climate of the Hunter, followed by an exclusive, pre-recorded Q&A with director Mickey Reece. Bringing Saturday to a violent close is a preview of the new Mads Mikkelsen-starring Danish black-comedy exploitation thriller Riders of Justice.

Sunday brings the chance to see two exciting new films by British filmmakers. The World We Knew is a British-gangster-meets-ghost story and is a perfectly creepy way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Bringing Summer Camp to a close is the Scottish Premiere of the joyous documentary Alien on Stage, which is sure to charm anyone who knows what it is to be a horror fan.”

Tickets are availble now - click the links below or give our Box Office a call on 01382 432 444 to book. With social distancng in place, tickets are limited so book early to avoid dissapointment.

For anyone who misses out, those further afield or anyone who would prefer to enjoy from home, we'll be adding a selection of Dundead Summer Camp titles to our online streaming platform, DCA at Home. These will be available to pre-order soon, ready to watch along with our cinema screenings over Fri 9 - Sun 11 July.

We can't wait to welcome you creepy campers to the cinema or online for this weekened of terrifyingly good films. Join our Dundead Facebook page and let us know what you're looking forward to seeing.

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