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18 July 2018

Had your fill of football? Dinosaurs didn't hit the spot? We've got a refreshing change of pace for you at DCA over the next few weeks, with a trio of critically-acclaimed films that explore the idea of religious faith in tumultuous modern times. Never shying away from impossible questions or the often-bewildering contradictions found at the heart of devout conviction, all three films provide compelling stories and rich character studies that'll stay with you long after you leave the cinema, whatever your personal beliefs...

First Reformed
Fri 27 July - Thu 2 August

Ethan Hawke leads 2018's flock of faith films with First Reformed, a cerebral thriller in which a Calvinist minister attempts to counsel a radical environmentalist, uncovering a harrowing world of political secrets, personal trauma and potential community crisis along the way. 

Critics say: "Ethan Hawke is masterful," "You won’t see a more textured film this summer."

We say: "...a film of classic rigour and stately grace, where undercurrents of uncontrollable emotions threaten to break apart an orderly life."

The Apparition
Fri 3 - Thu 9 August

Grizzled journalist Vincent Lindon investigates the story of a teenager who claims to have seen the Virgin Mary appear near her village. Is she telling the truth, suffering from a mental illness or simply enjoying a little hard-won attention? And is the local church protecting or exploiting her? The Apparition is tense, absorbing, and beautiful to watch.

Critics say: "...both gripping and highly cerebral in equal measures.", "much of The Apparition keeps the viewer on edge."

We say: "...a non-sensationalist story about trust, sacrifice and faith."

Mon 13 - Thu 16 August

Jehovah's Witnesses are expected to shun non-believers and those who socialise with them - a rule that unravels a devout mother when her daughter becomes pregnant by her unbelieving boyfriend in Apostasy. Siobhan Finneran is fiercely moving as the woman who must choose between a post-Rapture life of eternal bliss with her God and community, or support her daughter and new grandchild through their gritty - and ultimately doomed - new reality. Apostasy is a raw and powerful story, even more so knowing that writer/director Daniel Kokotajlo is drawing on his own former life as a Jehovah's Witness.

Critics say: "...a supremely intelligent and gripping drama.", "...timely, sensitive and intelligent," 

We say: "this fresh, unadorned first feature carries an unmistakable note of authenticity from its very first scene..."

We can't wait to bring you these incredible new films; be sure to share your thoughts and reviews on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #helloDCA. And if you love these, there's another treat coming soon to DCA cinema - Emma Thompson in The Children Act, adapted from Ian McEwan's bestselling novel.

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