Five reasons to watch Deadpool 2...

...even if you don't like Marvel films

14 May 2018

On its release in 2016, Deadpool reviews often called it ‘the Marvel movie for people who don’t like Marvel movies’, and with Deadpool 2 coming to DCA, it’s a good time to remember why. Whether you’re a DP-sceptic being dragged along by a comic-obsessed pal, or have just fibbed on your profile and need some quick pre-date crib-notes, here are five reasons you might enjoy Deadpool 2 more than you think:

Deadpool is 4th wall aware
​Deadpool knows he’s in a movie, and frequently breaks off from the action to critique its plot devices, casting choices and production budget. It’s weird, brutal and funny.

Yes, it’s violent, but...
...the violence often serves to highlight the absurdity of most action films’ fight scenes. When Deadpool gets caught in a hail of bullets, there’s no miraculous, gymnastic slo-mo escape - nope, he gets splattery, painful bullet wounds and, to add insult to gruesome injury, then has to take his costume to the launderette.

The music is secretly awesome
Okay, Guardians of the Galaxy got the cool soundtrack of '70s and '80s classics that still sound great at every impromptu hipster hoedown. But Deadpool loves the stuff we all secretly listen to in the car. Salt-N-Pepa. Celine Dion. Wham.

Deadpool deals with grown-up stuff (badly)
Cancer. Work. Sex. IKEA furniture. Deadpool tackles all of these in the first half of his first film. In seven hours of Captain America-headlined features, all we’ve learned is that Steve Rogers owns a washing machine and is possibly out of Nespresso pods.

Deadpool doesn’t want to be a superhero - he’s just a guy with bad luck and a good aim who agreed to try an evil-doctor’s cancer cure and got horribly disfigured along the way. In some ways, aren’t we all avocado-faced reality-bending hitmen hellbent on revenge?

Deadpool himself is surprisingly right-on
He’s openly bisexual, agonises about the feminist implications of fighting female villains, raises money for cancer research, expresses himself through dance, and is, um, very supportive of International Women’s Day. You won’t see that in Iron Man.

So even if you’re not a Marvel fan, you might just enjoy Deadpool 2 - and if you don’t? Well, we have a fully-stocked bar and comfortable seats. Enjoy a nice sit down in the dark with Wade, wine, and Wham!*

Book now for Deadpool 2, showing in DCA cinema from Wed 16 - Thu 31 May. *Wham not guaranteed.

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