From Dubai to Dundee

17 April 2019

We're delighted to present a new Artist in Residency exchange in partnership with Tashkeel Studios, Dubai and supported by the British Council. Emirati printmaker Salama Nasib was selected as the candidate from Dubai and we’re thrilled to have her here, creating new work in the Print Studio and working with our Learning team on our community engagement activities.

We caught up with Salama to hear about her practice, Dubai, and what she hopes to achieve during the residency programme. 

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your practice? 

My name is Salama Nasib, a printmaker from Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). I studied  Visual Art in my undergraduate studies, then recently obtained a postgraduate degree in Print from the Royal College of Arts (RCA) in London, UK. My creative research investigates notions of memory and time such as remembering, forgetting, and false memories, all expressed separately or simultaneously in an interactive - yet sometimes in a thought provoking - manner. My practice involves exploring various print applications and associating them with the concepts of memories, as well as discovering new media to incorporate with print such as audio. I usually get my inspirations from old family photo albums, where I  transform them into narratives and messages that are very personal, yet universal at the same time. 

Once Upon A Childhood 

What does a typical day look like for you in Dubai? 

Full of activities and moving around! I tend to wake up early and start with a work out, then move to doing some admin work (mainly emails!). After having a breakfast with my mother, I get ready to head to Tashkeel and work on my artworks till late. I often conduct meetings or workshops as well or simply meet up with friends to try a new restaurant. Ok I basically don’t do all of that in one day but you get the idea! 

Will you be doing things differently in Dundee? 

Possibly. DCA has a lot of advanced equipments that Dubai unfortunately lacks in, so I am  very eager to learn those new techniques and create more unique prints. 

Intaglio and Screen-printing tests 

What do you hope to achieve during your residency here? 

Just basically learn new advanced techniques and find new possibilities really, through exploring and creating prints. 

What's your favourite medium to work in? 

Etching and screen printing. I happen to find myself exploring lino printing more and more, but then every technique is unique in its own way and I appreciate this a lot in printmaking. It’s just never boring! 

Screen-printing tests


What's on your Dundee to do list? Did you know much about it before you traveled here? 

I was familiar with the city a bit before coming here, mainly from the Al Maktoum College.  Everyday I discover something new and interesting in the city and the list keeps on growing. So far I have the Verdant Works museum, the RRS Discovery, and the local restaurants!  Food is really excellent here, I must add. 

Anything else you'd like to add?

 Feel free to come by and see what I’m making at the DCA’s Print studio!

Once Upon A Childhood

Thanks Salama! Watch this space as we'll be sharing more of what Salama has been up to during her stay in Dundee as well as announcing the Dundee artist that will be travelling to Dubai to work in Tashkeel studio.

With special thanks to the British Council and Tashkeel Studios. 

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