Ingmar Bergman season

Into the twilight room of the soul with a season celebrating Sweden's prolific genius

7 March 2018

For anyone with an interest in cinema, the work of Ingmar Bergman is as essential as breathing. The Swedish writer-director, who would have been 100 this year, is not just one of the undisputed giants of filmmaking, he is one of the truly great artists of the 20th Century in any medium.

To mark Bergman’s centenary, we are proud to present six of his films over the coming months (Sun 25 March - Sun 20 May), including some lesser-known works alongside well-loved stories that you're sure to enjoy seeing back on the big screen.

We're screening Wild Strawberries, The Seventh Seal, Persona, The Touch, Cries and Whispers and The Magic Flute. Read on to find out more, watch clips and book your tickets now.

Wild Strawberries

A melancholy road trip, a lifetime revisited. Wild Strawberries is considered by many to be a work of true genius. 

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The Seventh Seal

“You play chess, do you not? As long as I resist you, I live. If I win, you set me free.” Life, death, God, and high-stakes chess with Death in a classic of 20th century cinema.

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An actress breaks down on stage and refuses to speak. She is sent to an isolated island to recover under the care of a nurse, and a strange battle of wills begins. Persona showcases extraordinary performances from Liv Ullman and Bibi Anderson - and Ullman barely says a word.

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The Touch

Bergman's unusual attempt at a straightforward Hollywood story has recently been remastered to suit the director's Swedish/English vision (he disliked the original English-only release). The Touch now looks like a lost masterpiece, showing Bergman stretching himself with fascinating results.

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Cries and Whispers

Two sisters look after a third, who is dying. Alice Black, our Head of Cinema, describes it as “one of the most emotionally intense and unforgettable experiences the cinema has to offer,” and it's hard to argue anything else.

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The Magic Flute

Mozart's opera brought to life by Bergman, shooting on a soundstage built to recall Sweden's cherished royal palace. Lovingly filmed and perhaps unexpectedly joyous.

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See you at the cinema soon - and don't forget to tell us about your experience of our Ingmar Bergman season. We'd love to hear from you on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!

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