Love is in the air at DCA

8 February 2019

With Valentine's Day less than a week away, we're here to help you plan the perfect date night to impress your crush, significant other, best friend or whoever else you're planning to spend the most romantic day of the year with. From picking a card that perfectly sums up your feelings and selecting a gift for that special someone to dinner and a movie, we've got you covered.

Wow with a special gift from DCA Shop

Forget flowers and chocolates, show you care with a special piece of jewellery, set the mood with music, lights and a candle, or opt for a plant print rather than roses (it will definitely last longer).

Send some love with a Valentine's Day card

Whether you're cheeky or romantic, or if you're someone who finds it difficult to say how you feel then our selection of cards could come in handy to get your message across.

  • Love Doily Card | Petra Boase | £2.65
  • Cat Card | 1973 Ltd | £3.20
  • Yours Truly Card | Alison Hardcastle | £3
  • Love at First Sight Card | Alison Hardcastle | £3
  • Hey Good Looking Card | Alison Hardcastle | £3
  • Otter Card | Egg Press | £3.30
  • Holding Hands Card | Ashkahn | £3.30
  • Seahorses | Lagom Design | £2.50
  • I Like Your Face Card | Ashkahn | £3.30
  • Lobster Card | Alison Hardcastle x Tatty Devine | £3.30

Find warmth, love and memories in DCA Galleries

Our galleries are free to visit and are open late until 20:00 on Valentine's Day. Here's a look at what you'll find inside.

Hole by Margaret Salmon

Hole is about our bodies and the intimate human connections we seek with others. This immersive installation uses light, colour, heat and sound to envelop a viewer within the space, creating an atmosphere of warmth, comfort and radiance to step into over the cold winter months. 

Pieces of You Are Here by Lorna Macintyre

Scottish artist Lorna Macintyre uses a broad spectrum of influential touchstones in her work, from poetry and literature to archaeology and symbolism. Pieces of You Are Here includes silver gelatin photographs, cyanotypes, and digital prints on silk, installed alongside new sculptural forms such as crystalline structures grown from cyanotype chemistry on ceramic surfaces.

Treat your special someone to dinner and drinks at Jute Cafe Bar

We're in love with Jute Cafe Bar's delicious Valentine's Menu. Running in the evenings from Tue 12 - Sun 17 February, you can get 3 delicious courses for £25. Give them a call on 01382 909246 to book your table.

If you're not quite at the stage of a dinner date, then opt for a special Valentine cocktail at the bar. 

Enjoy a classic rom-com at DCA Cinema

Notting Hill  Thu 14 February, 20:30

This romantic treat from 1999 makes the perfect date movie. Watch as shy, floppy-haired bookshop owner William Thacker (Hugh Grant) bumbles into the affections of famous film star Anna Scott (Julia Roberts); you’ll be cheering them on to get together long before their fateful first kiss.

Single? Treat yo'self!

This is 2019, you don't have to wait around for someone else to buy you a Valentine's gift. Go ahead and treat yourself to something nice from DCA Shop, we know you deserve it.

  • How to raise a plant and make it love you back | Laurence King | £12.99
  • Tapered Confetti Candle | Paddywax | £16
  • Coin Purse | Yes Studio | £13.50

Alternative Plans

Sick of all the hearts and happy couples and want to avoid Valentine's Day altogether? Take yourself to the cinema to see one of these:

Sex, envy and pyromania: despite the love triangle at its core, you won't find any hearts and flowers in Burning. This fierce portrait of jealousy and obsession is the perfect antidote to the sugary sweetness of V-Day.


Melissa McCarthy plays author Lee Israel, a woman who says what she thinks and cares more for her cats than other people. Watching the unlikely friendship between her and accomplice Jack Hock (Richard E. Grant) is a joy but it's strictly business as they forge letters by literary greats.


  • Vice Fri 8 - Thu 14 February

It's possible to look at Vice as a love story between one man and his desire for power but mostly it's a darkly funny look at the career of former American Vice President Dick Cheney, with politics and fish metaphors.

However you spend your Valentine's Day, we hope you have a good one.

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