Make a Zine


1 June 2020

For this week's Monday Make we're creating a zine from a single piece of paper. This easy technique for creating a simple foldable book is used as part of our Learning programme to create sketchbooks, as a tool for teachers, and as a way for young people to express their feelings. We love the format because it gives lots of pages to fill using different materials and techniques. It can also be displayed so that all the pages can be seen at once.

Zines are short–run pamphlets that can raise issues and viewpoints, express ideas, and share tastes. Coming from a tradition that goes back to the very invention of printing through to Punk and street art, they have been a cheap and easy way to communicate. They're a great way to combine words, images, collage, drawing, printing and painting, and they also make lovely gifts to share with family and friends. 

For this week's make we've got a video tutorial for you to follow along with:

You can also download our step-by-step guide here and our one page instructions here. And don't forget that we'd love to see your finished creation - share it with us online with #DCAmakes

If you're looking for further inspiration before you get started, here are some photos from our various workshops that show different kinds of ways that people of all ages have approached making zines:

And if that's not enough for you, here are some further zine resources:

If you enjoy this activity and you're able to, we'd be so grateful if you'd consider donating to help us keep enriching people's lives through art, culture and creativity. Thank you! 

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