Meet our CRAFTED exhibitors


16 November 2017

Our CRAFTED Christmas Market is only two weeks away so we thought it would be nice to get to know a bit more about some of the talented designers and makers who will be coming along...

What attracted you to CRAFTED?

Smith & Gibb: I graduated from DJCAD in 2014 and love coming back to Dundee! The DCA brings back great memories of my student days as well as having a table with my classmates in 2014 and independently back in 2015 at CRAFTED.

Mai M Design: I like to go to see exhibitions and shop at DCA. I've been living in Dundee 10 years and DCA is my favorite place.

Elena Lam: As a resident of Dundee for four years, I consider the DCA to be the center of art and culture here. It has always been one of my favorite places to spend my time in the city.

Kate McLaughlin Jewellery: As a visitor, the DCA is one of my favourite galleries; to get to show my own work here is a 'pinch me' moment! 

" get to show my own work here is a 'pinch me' moment!"

Tell us a little bit more about what you create.

Darte Jewellery: I create simple, contemporary jewellery that can be worn and enjoyed every day. Inspired by geometric shapes, architecture and clean lines, they come in gold, silver and rose gold, so appeal to wide-ranging tastes. 

C Gull: I have chosen to represent Dundee’s seagull population in a wide range of comedic situations using different mediums. Mainly because I think it's funny. 

Elves in the North: I create items in wood in my workshop in the garden and everything I make is hand machined and hand finished to be precise in its appearance.  I am constantly trying new things and working with local sawmills to increase the range that I make - new nesting boxes and birdfeeders are in the pipeline. 

Kit Martin Photography: I mostly make cyanotype prints on paper and on fabric and have been experimenting on glass too. Recent inspiration and subject matter include zoology specimens from Bell Pettigrew Museum. 

Vanessa Bullick Ceramics: I create smoke fired burnished, textured and patterned pots. I also make coloured stoneware tableware glazed in a porcelain glaze.

Smith & Gibb


What might surprise people about what you make or how you make it?

Charlotte Lodge Designs: Although primarily a printmaker and dye artist, I studied animation at DJCAD. A lot of the natural dye processes were self-taught and found through experimentation and play after I graduated. A lot of the dye techniques I use have a low impact on the environment so in some of the techniques I use only the heat of the sun to generate the conditions needed for dying. My windowsill often looks like a mad scientist’s lab full of funny coloured jars fermenting away. 

Hannah Lornie: I have controlled processes which always result in an uncontrolled outcome. The paint technique I employ on most of my work is of a nature where I will never fully know how it will dry meaning each piece can never fully be replicated even by myself.

Jenna McDonald Jewellery: Many are not familiar with anodised aluminium jewellery and I love demonstrating and chatting about the process of how I make it, and I enjoy teaching people through my jewellery making workshops which I launched earlier this year. 

Kathryn Williamson: My favourite hammer is tiny and belonged to my paternal grandfather – the marks he made on the hammer are transferred to the silver when I strike it.

Mhairi Abbas: The yarn in my scarves is actually knitted twice! To get beautiful smooth gradients I knit up plain lengths of fabric then dye them before unravelling it all back into yarn, this means I can knit other colours in amongst the gradients.

"Not many people realise I paint on coloured and patterned fabric instead of canvas."

Nicola Wiltshire: Not many people realise I paint on coloured and patterned fabric instead of canvas. As soon as you notice the design of the fabric, it’s hard not to see it revealed on the surface of the painting. I also make my own oil paint using the traditional technique of grinding pigment into oil. 

Kirsten Manzi


We can't wait to see what you bring along to CRAFTED. What will be featuring on your stall on the day?

East End Press: I will mainly be selling Christmas decorations which, in previous years, have proved very popular! I sold my first Christmas decoration in June this year, some people are far more organised than me!

Illustration, etc.: I’m really pleased to showcase my new Animalphabet. It’s an alphabet and every letter is made up of several animals beginning with that letter. I’m hoping that parents might like them for their kids as they're lovely, bright illustrations, but there's a learning elelment there too. I tried to squeeze in a lot of endangered, weird or little known critters and they’re all named.

Kirsten Manzi Jewellery: I will be selling pieces from my BALANCE Collection. All of the pieces mix and match perfectly so you can create a beautiful gift set with a necklace and pair of earrings. A firm favourite collection has been the drop earrings! I’ve made a pair for myself and love them.

Mitchell & Black: We will be selling scarves, snoods and mitts for men, women and children. Knitted neck pieces and cuffs and baby blankets. Our mitts always sell particularly well at Christmas.


With Christmas just around the corner, what would you recommend as the perfect gift?

"I sell a range of colourful and lightweight jewellery, which are perfect for stocking fillers." 

Lynsey Walters: My necklaces are a great gift, easy to wear, a colour to suit everyone and also light to post!

Balgarvie Weaving: I have a really nice scarf and mitten box set which seem to be popular for presents. I'm also aiming to have some limited edition scarves, wraps and cowls, with a sprinkling of bags, purses and mittens.

Niki Fulton: I will be selling silk ties which come with tags telling the story behind their designs (often architectural references) and packaged in a branded tie box – so it's even easy to wrap!

Rebecca Sarah Black Jewellery: I will be bringing along two ranges of jewellery to the market, my 'Cluster Collection' and my new 'Encrusted Collection'. Both will include a selection of delicate, small earrings which are a perfect christmas present, or for those looking to buy a gift for someone special who would apprectiate a little bit more sparkle, there will be some new pendant necklaces set with coloured sapphires.

Dear George: I sell a range of colourful and lightweight jewellery, which are perfect for stocking fillers. 


Who inspires you?

Aimee Cargill: Previous graduates from DJCAD always inspire me, and I always try to keep looking out for the great work they’re doing.

DevineGunn: Locally we love Cecilia Stamp, All That is Braw and East End Press. Other things/people we are inspired by are Louise Bourgeois, Margaret Atwood, art nouveau illustration, witches, Jan Svankmajer and Bridget Riley.

East Nook Studio: I always say Frido Kahlo but she has become such a fashionable artist now I feel I should expand! My favourite artists were always Dahli and Charles Rennie, we trailed all their homes and galleries growing up. I was very lucky. But my work is inspired by my surroundings and my memories, and again, in this case I am very lucky.


We can't wait to meet our makers in person at CRAFTED and get in the festive spirit.  Keep an eye on in the run up to learn even more about our exciting exhibitors, then join us on Sat 2 December between 12:00 - 17:00 and get your Chrsitmas shopping in the bag.

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