Meows, yowls and growls: meet some of DCA's cat friends!


11 July 2017

Cats on the big screen? Yes please! We have a wonderfully feline-centric documentary coming up that we're sure you'll love: Kedi

To celebrate the new film hitting our screens, we thought it was high time we met some of DCA's cats (and cat friends!). Read on to find out more about the clowder of cats that await DCA staff when they leave work for the day, and please share your cat snaps with us on social media using #helloDCA.

Following the adventures of seven street cats in Istanbul, Kedi screens Sun 16 - Wed 19 July!

Lewis, our Sales and Retail Manager, has very recently adopted two kittens.

Lewis says "Scout is the tabby, Sylvie the semi-long hair. Neither of them have done anything super crazy so far, though it has only been a week, but both have discovered that they LOVE climbing all over my back and Sylvie likes to perch on people's shoulders."

Jeffrey belongs to Jess, our Head of Communications.

Jess says "In this video Jeffrey nonchalantly pretends he didn't just get frightened off by a falling Christmas cracker. He may look cute but he's actually a deranged killer. Jeffrey will try to take you in with his sweet face and cat posing, but when his guard drops his true colours are revealed."

Executive Administrator Mafalda's cat is Cloudi.

Mafalda says "Cloudi is half blind and afraid of heights - really - to the point where she will cry until you lift her on and off things!"

Pixie is a crazy wee cat belonging to Claire from the Print Studio.

Claire says "I rehomed Pixie after she was found wandering the streets as a pregnant stray age 18 months. She keeps myself and all the neighbours entertained!"

This is Jorge posing for the family xmas card.

Caley, from the Communications Team, says "Jorge is pretty kooky. She doesn't like anyone or anything really, but has no problem waking me up with a cold wet nose rubbed into my eye sockets..."

Adam, from the Cinema Team, has a couple of regular cat friends.

Adam says "Behold! Pavement Cat (back) and Mud Cat (front).  Every day I go to the gym I turn around the corner from my flat to be welcomed by these two. Mud Cat usually sits in the garden flower beds waiting to pounce upon me for affection, whereas Pavement Cat moves for no one, and I mean no one! I have seen a couple with a pram have to walk around the cars to get passed this stubborn kitty.  There is also Dog Cat whose owner takes it for walks on a leash but it wasn't around at the time I snapped this.  Not going to lie, I live on a weird street!

Meet cat.

Helen, from the Communications Team, says "Thanks to some scaffolding outside of my flat I recently befriended a little black and white kitty. Being on the second floor I got such a surprise when she appeared at my window but I was more than happy to invite her in. After a thorough look around she eventually settled down for a cuddle. Sadly, the scaffolding has now been removed so I just have to settle for a quick hello whenever I pass her on the street."

Punch and Lizzy belong to Alice, our Head of Cinema.

Alice says "Punch (the tabby) hails from Co.Leitrim, Ireland where she was found on the side of the road as a kitten. She's been with me for 15 years now and her main focus in life is receiving constant cuddles and her dinner. Liz (the black and white one) is named after Elizabeth Taylor because of her beautiful eyes. She's obsessed with water (spends a lot of time in the bath) and sunbathing whenever she can find a warm spot on the carpet."

You might recognise this cat (or more accurately catbus!) from My Neighbour Totoro. Chief Projectionist Ian's son Han is currently visiting catbus in Korea!

Ian says "My current feline experience is not great as I am embroiled in a bitter feud with my next door neighbours cat, an evil spiteful spitty scratchy furball of pure malice. War is an ugly thing and the daily dirty protest and perilous morning walk through a minefield is an ongoing reminder of that. These territorial disputes can flare up anywhere across the globe and the innocent always suffer."

"My experience of cat ownership however has been much better and as a child I was the proud owner of a ginger cat called Flash. He was extremely fat and very lazy but I don't think this was a conscious act of rebellion against my poor choice of name. My sisters cat at the time was called fluffy and she was under the impression she was a scarf. She was a lovely and very functional cat but a terrible drooler."

Andrew, from the Learning Team, has fond memories of a stray named Ginge, who was friendly with several people in the neighbourhood.

Sarah, our Head of Learning, has two cats: Jasper and Ginny.

Sarah says "Jasper is half dog, half heat-seeking cushion and Ginny is a tiny, runt-of-the-litter fighting maniac cat!"

We hope to see you at the cinema soon for Kedi, on from Sun 16 (Ciné Sunday screening)  to Wed 19 July. But please leave your cats at home!

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