Monday Makes: Fractal Plants & Trees


2 November 2020

This Monday Makes is inspired our exhibition If Wishes Were Thrushes, Beggars Would Eat Birds by Stuart Whipps. If you’ve visited our Create Space in the last couple of months you will have seen the displays of plants and rocks and perhaps tried some of our activities that tie in to the themes of the exhibition. Inspired by the plants in Stuart Whipps' film and on display in Create Space, make a plant or tree using repeating patterns and shapes (aka fractals).

Left: Exhibition view, If Wishes Were Thrushes, Beggars Would Eat Birds, Stuart Whipps, DCA, 2020, Photo by Ruth Clark
Right: Create Space

Fractals are repeating patterns and shapes at different scales e.g. in nature, a tree trunk shape is repeated as a smaller branch grows from it which in turn has another smaller branch growing from it and so on. A snowflake has the same fractal repetition.

With the help of our grid templates and our step-by-step guide, create your own fractal shapes that come together to make a tree or a plant. Keep it simple or get more complicated with by using more intricate shapes.

We'd love to see your finished make, snap a photo and share it online with using #DCAmakes.

Get inspired for this make by visiting Stuart Whipps' exhibition in our gallery. It runs until Sun 15 November and you can book your free tickets here. You can also find more inspiration, as well as Art Activity Packs, in our Create Space - book your free visit here.

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