New films from Fri 30 Oct - Sun 1 Nov


29 October 2020

Come and see a film with us this weekend! As Dundee moves into the Tier 3 restrictions announced by the Scottish Government, DCA Cinema will sadly be temporarily closed from Monday 2 November. Over the coming days we’ll be contacting anyone who has made a booking during this period, and you can read more about the closure here

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But don't despair – there are still a few days left to catch some brilliant new films at DCA cinema!

Here's what's coming up at DCA cinema, Fri 30 Oct – Sun 1 Nov, booking now…

At a glance:

Wolfwalkers (PG) is our Discovery Family Film this week, and we can't wait for you to see it! A fantasy adventure from the makers of Song of the Sea, it's a stunning big screen experience.

The Exorcist (18), Train to Busan (15) and our special preview of Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula (15) are our three Halloween horrors, selling fast – book now!

Summer of 85 (15) from François Ozon is a nostalgic tale of first love in 1980s France that takes a dark and unexpected turn.

Mogul Mowgli (15) stars Riz Ahmed in an acclaimed turn as a British-Pakistani rapper whose world tour is derailed by a sudden serious illness.

Shorts for Wee Ones (3+) is enjoying one last cinema screening, or you can rent our Discovery Film Festival shorts online to watch at home! 

More about this week's new releases:

Wolfwalkers (PG)
The latest feature from the award-winning animation team behind The Book of Kells and Song of the SeaWolfwalkers is a masterful blend of thrilling storytelling and eye-catchingly beautiful visual design. The third of their Celtic folklore trilogy, the film offers contemporary characterisation in a historical setting, and has much to say on the delicate balance between human forces and the natural world in which they find themselves.

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Summer of 85 (15)
Loosely based on the book Dance On My Grave by Aidan Chambers, the film tells of the blossoming, but ultimately short-lived, summertime relationship between Alexis and David, both resident in a French seaside town in the mid-80s. When a boating accident suddenly throws them together, Alexis is driven to document his version of the events that fell into place after that first encounter. But after a shocking initial revelation, and the ensuing drama, how much of his account is actually to be believed?

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Mogul Mowgli (15)
Bassam Tariq’s visceral directorial debut, co-written with Riz Ahmed, finds a British-Pakistani rapper’s life spiralling out of control when, on the cusp of success, he succumbs to a debilitating illness. Exploring the tension between artistic expression, family ties, cultural identity, Mogul Mowgli also looks at the shared experience versus kinship with a steady, unflinching gaze.

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