New Films from Friday 1 July


1 July 2022

There’s something for everyone this week at DCA cinema!

We’re starting the week by delving into the complex dynamic between Elvis and his manager Colonel Tom Parker. 

You can explore a new side of everyone’s favourite space ranger in Lightyear, and ahead of this year’s new release, The Railway Children Return, see the original on the big screen. This classic is also streaming on DCA at Home! For anime fans, there is another chance to see Pompo: The Cinéphile on Sun 3 July. 

The Princess is a bold and immersive telling of the life and death of Princess Diana, and new Danish documentary Cannon Arm and the Arcade Quest charts Kim "Cannon Arm's" attempt to beat his own personal record for hours played on 80s arcade game ‘Gyruss'.

A daughter decides how to help her father end his life in François Ozon’s thoughtful, understated and beautifully performed French drama Everything Went Fine. And we’re showing Wim Wenders’ Wings of Desire, an imaginative portrait of Berlin as seen through the eyes of two angels.

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Here's more from DCA's Cinema Team:

"Elvis, Diana - these cultural icons are immediately recognizable to us by only their first names. They hold a special place in our cultural consciousness and for that reason, are endlessly fascinating. Their lives have become the stuff of legend, and this is partially why filmmakers and audiences are constantly drawn to explore them.   

We've got two very different cinematic approaches to the subject of fame on offer this week. Baz Luhrmann's colourful, rock n' roll infused, all singing all dancing biopic explores not only The King's rise to fame but his relationship with the man who helped him get there, Colonel Tom Parker. On the flip side, Ed Perkin's intricate, painstakingly researched portrait of the relationship between the media and the Princess of Wales, told through archive footage from the time, raises some challenging questions about our fascination with celebrities.

For the younger generation, whose icons are still developing, we've got a well known superhero arriving on our screens just in time for the school holidays: Buzz Lightyear is back at DCA - to infinity and beyond!"

Visit our Films page to find more details, plus a look at what's coming soon to DCA including Thor: Love and Thunder, Brian & Charles and The Deer King. Remember to share your reviews and comments on social media using #helloDCA – we love to hear what you think!

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