Our friendly Relaxed Screenings are perfect for the whole family


14 March 2018

Our Relaxed Screenings are the perfect opportunity for anyone who would benefit from a relaxed environment to enjoy a trip to the cinema. Taking place in our smaller screen, the films are shown without any advertising and with consistent lighting and lower sound levels throughout. Visitors are free to move around or come in and out as they feel comfortable, and drawing activities are available in the foyer.

Wayne and his son Rhoan have been frequent attenders to our Relaxed Screenings. We took a moment to ask them about their visits and why they would recommend our Relaxed Screenings to others who might benefit from this unique cinema experience...

What makes the relaxed screenings at DCA so good?

I like the friendly atmosphere, access for hot drinks, and ease of parking nearby. The relaxed showings are a huge hit as they allow me to monitor my little one without disturbing any of the other users.

What is your favourite thing(s) about the cinema at DCA?

Rhoan likes the fact there are no trailers and it's straight into the film. This is essential for kids with ASD who sometimes are hugely disappointed when the film they are going to see, takes a long time to come on. Something that they simply don't understand, which can potentially lead to a meltdown. He also likes the bean bags at the front as he can get uncomfortable in any seat, even the ones at DCA.

If someone was thinking about bringing their child to a Relaxed Screening for the first time, would you have any advice or words of encouragement for them?

I would say to not worry, there is no pressure, bring your own treats that suit your child and relax. Also bring something that makes them comfortable, whether it's a pillow, toy, whatever.

Can you sum up the cinema in three words?

Friendly, comfortable and welcoming. There are lots more positive words I would like to include but you asked for just three!

Tickets for our Relaxed Screenings are £4 per person, and we aim to have at least one per month.

You can find up to date listings for our Relaxed Screenings here, and to find out more about the full range of Accessible Screenings available at DCA, take a look here.

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