Paper Portraits


20 July 2020

For this week's Monday Makes we’re taking inspiration from David Austen’s colourful artworks and portraits to create some bold paper art.

Underworld exhibition at DCA
Underworld exhibition view, David Austen, DCA, 2019, photo by Ruth Clark

David Austen's 2019 DCA exhibition Underworld included many different artworks, from oil paintings and delicate watercolours to sculptures and film projects. One of the artworks on display was The Light That Fell Upon Us Burned, a collection of collaged pieces that look like eyes. To start off this week's make we'll take inspiration from this to create our own eye artwork.

Framed artworks in DCA galleries
The Light That Fell Upon Us Burned, 2016, David Austen, photo by Ruth Clark

Also on display in his DCA exhibition were a series of portraits called The Heads. Using the same cut and stick method as the eye artwork, take inspiration from The Heads to make your own portrait.

Portraits on the wall in DCA gallery
The Heads, 2016–19, David Austen, photo by Ruth Clark

Watch our video tutorial to see how:

We also have a step-by-step guide you can follow. Warm up with an eye artwork and then create a colourful self-portrait. You could also make portraits of your friends and family and send them as gifts. Once you've created your bold and bright artwork, share it with us on social media usin #DCAmakes - we can't wait to see your portraits and eyes!

Colourful collaged eyes and portraits

If you enjoy this activity and you're able to, we'd be so grateful if you'd consider donating to help us keep enriching people's lives through art, culture and creativity. Thank you! 

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