13 April 2020

This week's edition of our Monday Makes is brought to you by our Print Studio team.

We're taking inspiration from our popular Print Studio course: Introduction to Papermaking and making our own handmade, recycled paper at home. The course uses simple techniques to make delicate, colourful hanmade paper. When teaching in the Print Studio, our team has access to some special equipment like moulds, deckles and vats. For this make they've managed to improvise using items that can be found around the home, and a bit of assistance from some at home helpers.

Download our step-by-step Papermaking instructions and have a go. Use your paper to draw on or save it to use in one of our future makes. We'd love to see what you make - share your homemade paper or show us pictures of the process using #DCAmakes.

Want to take your papermaking to the next level? 

Add colour

  • Use scraps of coloured paper to get a more colourful result
  • Float petals on the top of the vat when making the paper or whizz them up in the blender before putting in the vat (marigold and rose petals work well)
  • Add small pieces of thread or tiny cut up pieces of coloured paper as above

Add pattern

  • Adding a very small amount of tea leaves from a used tea bag to the vat can make a speckle effect

If you enjoy this activity and you're able to, we'd be so grateful if you'd consider donating to help us keep enriching people's lives through art, culture and creativity. Thank you! 

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