Print Studio A-Z: E is for Editions

8 February 2017

Last month we launched our online shop, which means that alongside lovely goodies from DCA Shop, our full selection of Editions created in our Print Studio can now be bought online. To tie in with this, we decided to chat to Sandra De Rycker, Editions & Publications Manager at DCA, to find out more about DCA's Editions programme, creating the 'E' in our ongoing Print Studio A-Z!

Hi Sandra! Thanks for chatting to us. Can you tell us in a nutshell what the Editions programme at DCA is?

The Editions programme at DCA is a series of limited edition artworks that are made by artists from our exhibitions programme. During the development of every exhibition we invite artists to come and work with us in our Print Studio if they would like to. We hope this gives them lots of scope to experiment with all the resources we have on offer and explore new areas in their work. The artists very generously donate editions to DCA which we sell to help generate income for our programme. It is also our goal that these artworks help disseminate the programme to wider audiences outside DCA - and make owning original artwork by leading artists a bit more affordable.

What makes DCA's Editions programme so special/unusual?

We are different to most contemporary art galleries that sell editions in that we have our own Print Studio here in the building. Everything is here under one roof so instead of sending work out to be produced in various specialist studios, DCA's programme team can work collaboratively with each artist to find what medium best suits their ideas.

"Artists have free rein to combine new and old printing technologies"

Artists have free rein to combine new and old printing technologies; try things out and change their minds about what processes might work best and are most true to their ideas.  This makes the process less straightforward sometimes – but always very interesting!

Can you tell us about any DCA Editions that have been particularly interesting to work on or to see come together?

I remember coming into the Print Studio one day to find Canadian artist Julia Dault leafing through paper samples as if they were a treasure trove! She was on residency with us and as a painter and sculptor, had never really worked in print before.

She was so excited by the process of translating her usual materials into the medium of print – I have never seen anyone so enthusiastic about pleather, perforated paper, Day-Glo ink and Lycra! She pushed and tested the properties of all these materials until they became this beautiful suite of prints Holograms.

What are the highlights of your job?

The biggest highlight has to be being based in the Print Studio and being able to be involved as each edition is developed and see it all come together, especially if an artist has never worked with print before and gets really excited about the possibilities. Seeing things first-hand also helps me talk to people about the work.

I also love the process of meeting people, whether it’s at art fairs or at DCA and helping to bridge that gap between the artist and someone who may want to collect their work. Every edition has a story behind it and it’s nice to relate that to people and tell them about the collaborative way we work with artists and all the resources here. If someone really loves the work of an artist it’s great to be able to show them that artist’s edition and see them realise that they can actually own an original work by them.

"Every edition has a story behind it and it’s nice to relate that to people"

I think the Editions series has grown so much over the years and I hope it is now more visible and accessible than it was before, especially now that we have the online shop. We also offer the Own Art scheme which is another way we help people buy original artwork - with interest free payments split over 10 months (representative 0% APR). Often people have heard of it but it sounds a bit scary, so it’s always quite nice to explain how the scheme actually works and that there is 0% interest and there is no catch. The application process for this is now all online so it’s so much easier than it used to be.

How can people look at and buy DCA Editions?

The easiest way to start is by browsing online. All our available editions can now be bought through DCA online shop and we can ship them anywhere. If people would like to see more images or need more information about anything, they can contact me by email any time for help or advice.

We always have a selection of editions on display at DCA but if the one you are interested in is not out, you can just ask our Shop or Print Studio staff and we are really happy to bring work out for viewing. Anyone can also make an appointment to come in and chat about collecting and what might interest them and to view the editions in person, as well as where we make them!

We also show editions at art fairs and events where we take a curated selection of recent editions to a stand or ‘booth’ so that they can be seen by audiences and collectors outside DCA. We usually send out email announcements about where we will be, so you can stay up to date with our upcoming art fairs by joining our editions mailing list, or following us on Instagram (

Thanks Sandra for the great insight into the Editions programme at DCA. If you would like to view our Editions, you can do so online here. If you wish to find out further information about our Editions please contact

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