Riso Soup Pick & Mix Gallery


4 January 2021

Back in November, we put a call out to artists, designers and anybody who wanted to have a go to get involved with Riso Soup Pick & Mix. The project saw people across Dundee and beyond submitting artwork which the Riso Soup team then turned into vivid and colourful prints using our Print Studio's Risograph printer. Everyone who submitted received ten of their own design and ten prints selected from the other submissions.

It's been lovely to see people sharing their prints and the selection they received but we wanted to bring them all together here so everyone can enjoy these bright and bold artworks. 

Please note that some prints contain strong language.

L-R: A New Utopia - Joe Cotgrave, Back Stage Pass - Eileen McGinley, Banana Milk - Phoebe Wilman

L-R: Awkward Cake - Helen Macdonald, Dundee Montage From Fife - Euan Williamson

L-R: Bruised Bananas - Sophie Morrison, Death of Memory - Richie Cumming, Enliven Cucumber and Mint Handgel Professional - Craig Coulthard

L-R: Fantasy Beetle Collection - Sarah Burt, FuckAbdy - Sarah Gillespie, Hares - Ari Wypijewski

L-R: Joined - Rebecca Jones, Lea Rig - David Scott, Long tailed tit - Ada Phin

L-R: Make _things Happen - Suzanne Gilbert, Mushroom - Zofia Jakab, No Prisons No Borders No Cages - Barry Mackie-Conlon

L-R: Preserved In Print - Murray Stewart, Provos Road Gable End - Pamela Scott, Sea Scorpion - Seonaid Rogers

L-R: Selkie - Josh Moir, Tay View - Chris Kelly, Tier 5 - Russell Henry

L-R: Underwater Girl - Robyn Owen, Untitled - Andy Robertson, Untitled - Catriona Higgins

L-R: Untitled - Dana Leslie, Untitled - Emelia Beal, Untitled - Leona Page

L-R: Untitled - Lynne McBride, Untitled - Miriam Mallalieu, Wonky Chair - Ruby Leeson

L-R: You Comfort Zone Is Killing You - Sarah Gardiner, Hot Stone Message - Calum Wallis, Ouroboros - Fawn Haraway

These colourful prints are the perfect way to brighten up this cold January! You can find out more about Riso printing here: we look forward to the time when we're able to open DCA Print Studio again so you can come and have a go yourself.

In partnership with Freelands Foundation

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