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30 July 2020

Missing DCA cinema's weekly seniors screenings? We miss you too! Here's a special message from Alice Black, our Head of Cinema. We'll be updating this story regularly with recommendations from the team - if you'd like to receive future updates straight to your inbox, fill in the Subscribe form at the bottom of our homepage, or email us at and we'll make sure you're added to the list!

I hope all of you have seen the announcement of DCA’s reopening on September 4th! We are thrilled to have a date in the diary for when our doors will open to the public and we can see you all again. 

With the news that Olivia de Havilland, one of the last remaining stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood, has passed away at the age of 104, I’ve spent quite a bit of time revisiting some of the wonderful films she made like The Heiress and Captain Blood. She had a fascinating life full of drama: from her famous feud with her sister Joan Fontaine to the rumoured love affair with co-star Errol Flynn. 

But what is often overlooked is the impact she had when she took Warners Bros to court over her contract, changing the way the Studio System treated actors forever. She certainly had a full career and has left behind a rich cinema legacy - I hope you enjoy our selections inspired by this cinema legend.

Michael's film recommendation: Suspicion

Hitchcock’s fourth American film has much in common with the better-known Rebecca: it was based on a novel, set in England but shot in Hollywood and of course, stars the equally wonderful Joan Fontaine. Fontaine plays the naive and nervous heroine, drawn, early on, into marriage with a charismatic Englishman – this time Cary Grant, in the first of his four starring roles for Hitchcock. 

Because we are tied mainly to the woman’s viewpoint – the man materialises, as if magically, in response to her day-dreaming – it is hard, right up to the end, to tell if he is charmingly irresponsible or something much more sinister. This uncertainty bothered the studio, leading to panicky attempts at re-editing, but it was an immediate commercial success and still exerts a powerful hold. Perfect viewing for a raining summer day and in Scotland, we get plenty of those!

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Alice's short film recommendation: Life Lessons from 100 Year-Olds

This inspirational short film seemed especially appropriate to share this week! What I love most about our Seniors group is not only the enthusiasm and interest you show in our programme but the opportunity our weekly meetings give me to learn about your lives as we have a wee chat before the films go in. These interviews reminded me of those conversations and made me feel optimistic about the future. In the wise words of Sir Harry Lauder: keep right on till the end of the road!

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Her Century

The National Library of Scotland is hosting its first online exhibition of archive footage which charts the varied stories of Scotland's women in the 21st century. 

Women in Scotland have lived through major social change in the past 100 years. They have challenged their roles in society, fighting for equality: at work and at home, from classroom to croft, from girlhood to motherhood. Discover their stories in Her Century, a timely collection of archive film curated by National Library of Scotland's Moving Image Archive, in partnership with Film Hub Scotland. Click on the link below to explore some of the overlooked moments in the lives of Scotland's 20th century women. Available to watch online until 20 September.

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Many of you will be getting out and about a bit more now, but that may not be an option for everyone, especially on days when it is miserable outside. Follow the link below for plenty of great home exercise routines to get the blood flowing with Paracise, who come recommended by Age Scotland - there are number of free videos available on the website which you can try!

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