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13 August 2020

Missing DCA cinema's weekly seniors screenings? We miss you too! Here's a special message from Alice Black, our Head of Cinema, plus some recommendations from the team to enjoy at home.

Throughout this closure period, we've worked hard to look after our team and keep connected to our audiences. I hope you’ve found these emails useful, we’ve definitely enjoyed putting them together. There will be a short hiatus as we focus our attention on the September programme but rest assured, we will be continuing with our recommendations email and web story regularly for those unable to join us in person.

We are excited to be welcoming you back into our building on the 4 September. There will be lots of visible changes (reduced capacity, one way systems, allocated seating, Perspex screens) and lots of invisible ones (enhanced cleaning and increased ventilation) which are all in place to keep you and our staff safe. However, our Senior Citizen Kane screenings are changing too. They will still be every Thursday, but at the new time of 13:00, and initially with no refreshment offer. The reason for the time shift is simply because we can only have one projectionist in the booth per day from a health and safety perspective. Until it is safe for us to have two people covering projecting hours from 10am until midnight, we are suspending morning screenings.

I know this will come as a disappointment to some of you but I am afraid it can’t be helped. Michael and I will also not be there in person but we will be beaming in virtually to introduce the films! And we still very much want to know what you think of the films we’ve chosen via email, Twitter or Facebook. We’d love to hear from you.

Alice, Michael & the DCA cinema team

Michael's film recommendation: Ida and Cold War

All4 has two stunning films by Polish director Pawel Pawlikowski this week; 2013’s Ida (which won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 2015) and 2018’s Cold War, which won him the Best Director prize at that year’s Cannes Film Festival.

Ida: This beautifully-crafted film tells the story of Anna, a young nun on a reluctant search for her family history in 1960s Poland, where the shadow of WWII atrocities looms large. With incredibly expressive monochrome visuals, Ida is a masterclass in economic storytelling – at just under 90 minutes, it is sparse but utterly engrossing and ultimately unforgettable.

Cold War: Dedicated to Pawlikowski’s parents and inspired by their volatile romance, Cold War is the story of Soviet-era Poland told through a very personal lens. With haunting folk music peppering the soundtrack, astonishing black and white visuals in Academy-ratio and two arresting central performances (Tomasz Kot and, returning from Ida, Agata Kulesza) this is another piece of assured, sophisticated and beautiful filmmaking. 

Watch on All4

Alice's short film recommendation: Staged

This week I’ve decided not to share a short but rather two clips from a recent BBC programme called Staged starring David Tennant and Michael Sheen. This series has been one of my absolute joys of lockdown. It is proof that even in challenging circumstances, creativity is possible!  

Tennant and Sheen (playing themselves) were due to star in a production of Six Characters in Search of an Author in the West End. The pandemic has put paid to that, but their director (Simon Evans - also playing himself) is determined not to let the opportunity pass him by. He knows how big a chance this is for him and turns his attention to cajoling his stars into rehearsing over the internet. Throughout the series they come up against a multitude of oppositional forces: distraction, boredom, home-schooling and their own egos. Along the way, they also get some much needed guidance from none other than Dame Judi Dench herself.

A warning, these clips feature some colourful language! 

Dame Judi has some words of advice for David and Michael on professional ethics.  

Dame Judi explains how she always get top billing.  

If you haven’t seen the full series of Staged, it is definitely worth a watch!

Watch Staged on BBC iPlayer

The Scottish Poetry Library podcast

The Scottish Poetry Library is an organisation whose goal is to transform people’s lives through exciting experiences and creative engagement with poetry – the ‘spark o’ Nature’s fire’ as Robert Burns wrote. 

They support the poetry community, creative learning programmes in schools and community settings, and normally organise a wealth of live events. But they also have wonderful online resources available. Their podcast series has been continuing during lockdown and all the episodes are available at the link below.

Visit the website

DCA needs your support – please donate if you are able to do so

As we reopen after nearly six months of closure, DCA is facing many challenges: from the costs of making sure the building is safe to a huge reduction in the number of people we can welcome to each part of our programme. Our earned income from cinema tickets will be limited just as the costs of reopening are going up. We need the support of our audiences – the people who know and love DCA – to sustain us through this difficult period so we can keep enriching people’s lives through art, culture and creativity. 

This autumn, we are asking for your help which will allow DCA to weather the impact of Covid-19. We need to raise £150,000 this year to make up for lost income, so that we can continue bringing our rich and varied programme to audiences from Dundee, Scotland and beyond. You can support DCA by making a donation, or by becoming a Member or a Patron.

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