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18 June 2020

Missing DCA cinema's weekly seniors screenings? We miss you too! Here's a special message from Alice Black, our Head of Cinema. We'll be updating this story regularly with recommendations from the team - if you'd like to receive future updates straight to your inbox, fill in the Subscribe form at the bottom of our homepage, or email us at and we'll make sure you're added to the list!

As lockdown slowly begins to ease, I hope that you are all still keeping safe and taking care of yourselves and each other. June has been and gone and as I sit typing this, the fantastic sunshine we were enjoying for a while has given way to some classic Scottish drizzly grey clouds. 

I found the good weather a reminder to be conscious of the things that we can still enjoy even in these circumstances, one of which being the seemingly endless wealth and variety of arts, culture, and, of course, good films we have at our fingertips. Equally, this overload of information can be overwhelming, and I’ve found it just as important to try to slow down and be mindful, which I hope you’ll also find reflected in the following selections.

Michael's film recommendation: Selma

Given the recent murder of George Floyd and the subsequent protests across the globe, 2014’s Selma – centred on a pivotal moment in the 1960s civil rights movement – seems sadly as relevant today as it ever did. 

In a commanding and impassioned performance, British actor David Oyelowo stars as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who travels with his circle of friends, supporters and activists to Selma, Alabama to support the local black population's right to vote in the local election. Facing very real danger from those in opposition, King's ethos of non-violent resistance is a key voice in the town, and a peaceful protest march is planned. After starting well, the protest reaches the Edmund Pettus Bridge where it is met by a force of state troopers, bolstered by a militia of armed local white civilians. The ensuing state-sanctioned violence and brutality employed against the protestors that day subsequently earned the march the nickname 'Bloody Sunday'. 

Directed by Ava DuVernay, this is a rich, intelligent film with fire in its heart. Never shying away from the sobering reality of the events which occurred in Selma, this is a film which takes great care in portraying the countless men and women who contributed to the civil rights movement of the 60s and presents us with King the man as well as the icon; dignified and inspiring but also vulnerable and human.

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Alice's short film recommendation: While I Yet Live

While I Yet Live introduces us to Gee’s Bend, a rural community in Alabama, and a group of African American women who live there and practice the tradition of quilting which has been passed down through generations. While an engrossing, lyrical snapshot of a specific way of life, the film’s discussions of creativity, friendship and the passage of time are ultimately universal.

Filled with a joyous spirit, often thanks to the constant presence of the women signing gospel songs and hymns while quilting, this is a beautiful and thoughtful look at life in older age.

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Bonus recommendation from Alice: Older Normal People

If any of you watched the recent BBC adaptation of Sally Rooney’s novel Normal People which had hearts fluttering, this short comedy sketch will make you giggle. 

Produced for Comic Relief by RTE, it imagines what life would be like if the young protagonists in Rooney’s novel were still a couple in middle age. If you haven’t seen the original series this still stands alone but if you have seen the series, you’ll know how perfectly they’ve captured Connell and Marianne!

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Google Arts & Culture

Google’s Arts & Culture website is absolutely filled to the brim with culture to get your teeth into. Photography, quizzes, virtual tours of famous landmarks, not to mention all the activities that come with their free downloadable app, it’s a veritable treasure trove that’s so easy to spend some time exploring. 

In particular, we’ve chosen to highlight their ‘Art Camera’ page. Scrolling down the page there are opportunities to zoom in to works by Van Gogh, Vermeer and Frida Kahlo, explore a vast collection of artworks through colour or listen to narrations of single paintings by some famous musicians as part of the ‘Art Zoom’ collection of videos – in particular, Jarvis Cocker’s exploration of La Gare Saint-Lazare by Claude Monet is a highlight – at only 3 minutes long, it is enlightening, immersive and very relaxing.

Visit the website

Mindful Moments

If you’ve found a new appreciation for time spent outdoors as a result of lockdown life and staying inside for so long, this collection of short videos from the BBC will hopefully give you a little boost from the comfort of your own home. 

Each about a minute long, and with no music or commentary, these 12 clips are beautiful little snapshots of the natural world, and at a time where we all have to be particularly mindful of our mental health, are a perfect way to press pause on the strains of the day, take a breath and decompress.

Visit the website

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