Sustainable Shopping


24 July 2019

Sustainability is a big topic at the moment. Documentaries like The Inconvenient Truth and River Blue have been appearing on our cinema screens and newspapers are full of climate change headlines. At DCA we're always looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly, from introducing recycling bins to replacing plastic bags with paper ones. We've also been busy stocking up DCA shop with a selection of products to aid with sustainable living. We wanted to highlight a few of these, as well as share some tips for making small but important changes.

Morning coffee

Many of us like to start the day with a good cup of coffee but building up a stack of takeaway cups isn't quite so fun. We could only come up with so many uses for these - pen pot, cup telephone, small hats - before we ran out of ways to upcycle them. A reuseable cup cuts down on all that waste, plus these ones from Zuperzozial are made of biodegradable bamboo and corn. Available in three different designs, the only hard decision is picking which one you like best.

  • Travel Mug | Zuperzozial | £10

Stay hydrated

With the UK throwing away around 295 billion pieces of plastic every year and items taking over 500 years to biodegrade, single-use plastics are not great for the environment. As with your coffee cup, replacing your water bottle with a reusable version is a good start. There are lots of different shapes, sizes and designs to choose from: Swig's insulated bottles and cups are super stylish and Gulp's fun fire extinguisher bottle helps fund Water Aid, plus we have some adorable patterned ones from Petit Collage which are great for wee ones. Fill your bottle up with some nice cold water from Jute Cafe Bar before heading into the cinema.

Lunch time

You can avoid even more single-use packaging by investing in a reusable lunch box. We have a number of different options and this fun lunch bag even doubles up as placemat!

  • Bento Box | Black + Blum | £17.95
  • Lunch Bag | Luckies | £13.50

In the bag

    And what should you carry all these new reusable items in? Why, a tote bag of course! These fabric bags offer a great alternative to plastic ones, plus they're strong, spacious and look good. They also fold up really small so you can always have one on hand for any surprise shopping trips. If you don't have one with you when shopping in DCA shop you can pick up one of our Eve Fowler Exhibition Totes for only £4 with any purchase.

    Mend it

    The fashion and textile industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world, while around 350,000 tonnes worth of used (but still wearable) clothing goes into landfill every year in the UK. One way to counteract that is to make the most of the items you already have. This book by Kerstin Neumüller is full of ways to help you do just that, meaning you create less waste and you can enjoy your favourite clothes for longer.

    • Mend & Patch | Harper Collins | £12.99

    Take note

    Cutting down on paper is an important goal but sometimes writing or sketching things down is what's required. Luckily these notebooks by Studio Ravenscraig are made using recycled paper and come in biodegradable packaging. Swapping out plastic pens for refillable pencils is another great way to make sure your creativity has a smaller environmental impact.

    And one final ticket tip...

    When booking your DCA tickets online, select the Print at Home ticket option. Your ticket will be emailed to you but you don't have to print it off, simply show the ticket on your phone. This saves on paper and means your tickets are always close to hand.

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