24 January 2022

At DCA, we're always striving to offer the best accessibility options available to provide great customer service for all visitors. That's why we're delighted to be listed as a venue on WelcoMe, a unique online disability aware customer-service tool that supports accessible customer experiences. 

WelcoMe empowers visitors with disabilities to discreetly inform our staff of any assistance they may require before they walk through our door. Users build and share an accessibility profile, which includes their specific needs when visiting, along with any arrival information. DCA then receives real time training and clear guidance on how to interact with, and support the visitor, ensuring our service directly relates to their needs, disabilities or any conditions they choose to disclose. 

The app is simple to use, and a great tool for helping to build confidence that visitors' needs are perfectly understood and will be met upon arrival. 

Download the WelcoMe App for free here.

For more information on WelcoMe, visit their website

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